Deadly evolution on Henderson Island


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Sep 2, 2021
I think it's called "The Shard" by Stephen Haye, but I can't find it anywhere, so I could be wrong. The cover was mostly blue, and I can't remember properly, but I think there was an image of a cliff face.

I found a standalone book written in English in a charity shop about five years ago, in which a team of scientists find (a fictional version of) Henderson island, where all the flora and fauna have evolved to be extremely deadly. Most creatures have blue blood. There was an immortal, invisible and apparently infertile species of monkey that saves the characters towards the end.

The main character (a male scientist with frizzy hair) has a "throwaway" theory about reproduction and mortality being linked, that the creatures on this island support. As the monkeys have evolved to remove themselves from the food chain, they no longer need to reproduce as they are no longer in danger of being killed.

The book ended in an interview/screenplay format of the theory/story being discussed.

Any help will be much appreciated.