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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Alternate Ending #9

“You’re a fraud, Mr Wonka.”

Wrong sir, wrong! You and Charlie, broke several rules! It’s clearly stated on the signed contract, under Operarios et Anseres. You both sang and danced with Oompa Loompas, then roasted and ate a golden goose! GET OUT, and GOOD DAY SIR!!!”

Suddenly, Veruca Salt burst into the room and smashed a goose egg on Willy's head. “Take that!”

Grandpa Joe, Charlie and Veruca, sang their way out of the office.
Ghost in the Machine
Rules? What rules? It’s all a game to me. Like the dating game. Swipe right, swipe left. Thinking you can use me.
Ghosting. How apposite a term. So delicious, so easy.
Messing with your minds. Stealing your confidence, your intelligence, your integrity.
You deserve it for allowing me into your lives.
True, none of you suspects the malignancy that is truly me, within my outer casing.
Mobile, cell. Call me what you will.
I rule.
Always Go Before You Go Outside

"Remember, Alis. Don't open the outer door until the inner door's locked."

Well, duh. It's an airlock. Anyway, it's impossible, with a gazillion safety catches. But it was how dad taught us. Repeat, repeat, repeat, then give a silly example.

"Are you clipped on?"

"Yes." Three lines: to him, to the guide wire, and to the securing ring.

We stepped out into nothingness. Amazing!

And, then, I needed to pee. I'd forgotten his first rule.
The Rules of Lore(s)
They neither read nor write, but have excellent memories for words and stories. Not as good as mine: they’d not remember the sayings of a million cultures. But they keep me on my toes.
They’re not good with faces: when I dive into the volcano and re-emerge with an altered face, they’ll believe I’m their “reborn” god. (I wonder whose sayings I’ll use to control them this time.)
My brother, Data, would be proud.
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