Candy Crush - Now dead to me


...Prepare Thyself
Mar 16, 2008
I know, I know, I can see all your heads shaking in unsympathetic unison.

"Well he deserves all he gets," I hear you all blurting. "It couldn't happen to a nicer bloke."

My crime, and it is a crime, but what can I do, I'm addicted, I need my fix.

I have money, I'm will to pay. I just need it I tell you. It's an illness really.

My crime is, that I sometimes visit and yes, I'm man enough to admit it, play Candy Crush.

However, on attempting to get my fix today I was forced to enter my date of birth.

Follishly I did so, and my reward was to be left staring at the same screen for some minutes.

Even after several attempts.

It would seem that the Chinese influence of gaming hours has extended to everyone in the world, regardless of age.

I assume I will be alowed to play on Saturday and Sunday between 8 and 9.

Watch this space for updates
What is this utterance of gaming hours??

As someone who had lost a couple of years to the crush, i actually think an enforced limit could be pretty healthy.
While it does infringe on personal freedoms, I do think it's a rather healthy decision to make. It'll be interesting to see how the kids will work around it. (and there is always a work around.)

After much research and hair pulling it turns out the the way round the problem is this.

Enter a date - Probably a good idea to use your actual date or you might forget it.

Press the continue button - It'll ignore you. At this point you can make use of your time and frustration to pull out more hair.

Then - And this is the important bit - Bang on the return key until it gets fed up and lets you in.

After that you can play as normal.

Simple really. Makes you wonder why they bother - OH wait a minte, it'll be just to wind us up.
That's too weird. Are you sure something else isn't going on? Maybe they've gone to a less robust server so that you have to find your way to the beginning of the Queue?


I saw someone had posted the method on the CC discussion thread and that how he got round it.

Thinking the world had gone mad I gave it a try and low and behold it let me in.

There are more things in.... ect.

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