Looking for a book and Title of a story


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Aug 28, 2021
I am looking for a book that had a bunch of Scary stories in it but I am also looking for the name of 1 of the stories in it as well.

The Story goes like this from what I remember.

A man is in a (Dinner or Bar) when he hears a couple Arguing. The man from the couple leaves the woman alone. The woman hooks up with the Single Guy, has Sex with him, gets pregnant, Gives Birth, grows old , all in 1 days time & dies. The man throws the dead woman's body in a dumpster. The Child grows the same way Remembering everything the Woman that died. But only live 1 days to repeat.

I am told its in 1 of the (Scary Stories to tell in the dark) series but Im at a lost as to what the Story's Name is

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