Looking for 2 old sf stories in the same(???) anthology


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Aug 6, 2021
I think the stories I can't find were in the same anthology but I could be wrong. Golden age authors??? Evolution-related anthology??? I can't find the anthology, I can't find stories, I don't remember authors, it drives me crazy. It could be I put together details from several stories and this is why nothing fits. I think I read both 5-10 years ago but both were old. Styles were different so it wasn't the same author.
Story 1
A human astronaut goes to Venus, which is old-style with jungles and animals, he can't find humans, Venusians and so on but meets 2 cute happy animals that behave like smart terran species. He's to return home only goes to some valley where natural gases put him into coma, animals try to stop him but he knows better and they are just animals so who cares what they want. Then Venusians revive him and learn how to talk in his language or teach him their language. Turns out gases conserved him and Venusians are children of the animals millions of years later. Earth is a nuclear hell and people did it before Venusians evolved. The astronaut commits suicide and Venusians understand it.
Story 2
Contemporary. Scientists find more and more dinosaurs in usable condition and some species with original tissue, maybe in amber, maybe there are new machines that allow it. One specimen looks like a claw with a small patch of skin that wasn't cut, kinda like a tissue that detached itself and scientists don't know how it was done. It could be a natural process they don't see in rocks or a new species that grows new claws so they want to check it. The claw is sharp and scratches 1 person who uses alcohol to clean their hand, no big deal. Then the same scientists meet pupils who around that time went to an exhibition and wanted to discuss dinosaurs, 1 scientist travels to another state or country in his car and his collegues or family can't reach him so at last cops find the car and he's dead. They don't know how he died, symptoms are weird but they notice he lost his nails that detached just like the claw, only cops don't know about the claw. There is a suggestion that it was a plague that killed dinosaurs and the same plague travelled in bodies of kids to many places so no doctor could stop it. There could be a suggestion a new species replaced humans and had many theories what killed us instantly. So fast that we didn't leave preserved books explaining the plague??? Don't know how it went.
Any clue? Help!

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