Interview with modern horror author Michael McDowell (1950-1999)

Feb 13, 2011
In your bedroom wardrobe...
I've been meaning to add these for over a year.

Michael McDowell is probably most famous for Beetlejuice, but those of us who love his novels know that the best of his work is either the Blackwater series, or (as all correct horror fans know), my favourite The Elementals. He was a pulp horror writer mostly in the theme of Southern Gothic and manages to get some very funny moments in his prose, too.

I know the day I discovered him: Dec 28 1996 sales shopping in Bournemouth with my brother and sister. Went into John Menzies and they had a 3-for-1 on their reduced books. I got The Elementals, Mirror by Graham Masterton (another enjojyable pulp), and the rather disappointing The Lake (hot spring makes garpike grow huge) but I can't recall the author of that last.

The story revolves around the old Sauvage family of Alabama and the two houses they own of three on a spit miles out in Dauphin Bay. I'm never creeped out by stories (well, apart from the end of SK The Jaunt - which is just horrifying) and I tend to think of horror as 'exciting' or 'cool' but the entities in The Elementals are chilling. You'll never look at sand the same way...

Fangoria interviewed him years ago and had been sharing this on Twitter and SM platforms, so apologies if you've already seen it, but, if not:
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