Writing contest for you all!


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Jul 19, 2021
WReader has organized its first-ever collaborative storytelling contest where writers will get to experience a new way of story-telling.
While all the writers might have ongoing projects they can take part in the contest with light-hearted minds in their break time.
The details of the contest are given below.
- To participate you must sign in on WReader.
- You must at least be 13/13+ to submit your entry.
- The story will be 5 chapters long.
- You can only submit once for each chapter.
- WReader will post a project under the name "event" mark, you can click on it and proceed to submit the first chapter with a title.
- There's a 3000 character limit for each chapter, you must fill at least 50% of the character limit.
- The genre we are starting from is Fantasy however that doesn't mean you are restricted to that genre, you have the complete creative freedom of mixing other genres with it.
- You can then proceed to vote for other entries. Those who do not wish to participate but have an interest in reading the submissions can vote on them. The winner of each chapter will receive 30 USD WReader is looking forward to reading your submissions!


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