(Found) Man's observation of Galactic Society becomes comedy hit.


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Oct 17, 2020
Novelette length (?). 50s or 60s probably. English.
The protagonist is the first human to be given a tour of the hyper-advanced Galactic Civilization. He writes a factual book about his experiences.
It becomes a smash comedy hit throughout the Galaxy, and Earth's sole supply of alien money.
The reviews cite excerpts like "My tour guide wore a blue cloak." as being uproariously funny.
The protagonist does not understand why his book is getting this reaction until he remembered a story he had heard about a primitive tribesman from New Guinea or the Amazon encountering Westerners for the first time and telling his fellow tribesmen things like "The Witch Doctor wore a round mirror on his forehead to scare away the Disease Demons".
I read this myself but I can't think of the title (yet)

I'm getting a Damon Knight vibe
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