Mini-Workshop: Writers of all skill levels welcome


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Jul 8, 2021

I'm a new member and could only wish I had found this forum much sooner. I'm reaching out to see if anyone else wanted/needed any writing advice or input on their current or in the works novels. This forum would focus primarily on the writing craft itself, word choice, dialogue, perspective, etc.. The nuts and bolts as it were. Though opinions are of course welcome. In the meantime, don't self promote. Use personal messages if you wish to share specifics on a novel(like it's name), or have specific captions for me to read and break down, critique the novel and post an honest review etc..

All n all, happy to be here and I enjoy helping fellow writers. It's a very difficult, lonely path most of us walk. Very few understand the personal struggle of it, a true 'you vs you' as it were. Off and on for 20 years of writing I've failed plenty, so I offer my wisdom earned by trial and error.

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Nov 10, 2008
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For those considering taking Magic_Muscle up on his generous offer of help, also don't forget the Critiques forum -- any member with at least 30 counted posts can put up a short extract of unpublished work there for feedback, and while you're waiting to get those 30 posts any member at all can provide feedback on threads already posted. For those who are gluttons for work, there are also the Improving threads for the Writing Challenges where stories from now-closed Challenges can go up and anyone can go there and offer comments and suggestions for improvement on those stories.

M_M's comment about the nuts and bolts of writing -- word use, dialogue etc -- is spot on. And as most of us old-timers will tell you, learning to critique someone else's work is also an excellent way of improving one's own!

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