astronaut returns to Earth, in quarantine, very sick...


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May 15, 2020
Another person asks about this story in a usenet group:

Something or another jogged my memory about this one, which I might have read anytime between six months and 30 years ago...​
(All together now, *sigh*)​
Scenario: Astronaut returns to Earth after some lengthy trip or orbits. He's in isolation/quarantine because he's sick and getting worse.​
Finally he gets a friend of his to... let "normal" (as opposed to super cleaned) regular outside air into his isolation chamber, and he starts getting better.​
Reason (if, big if, I'm remembering correctly), his immune system basically shut down becuse there was nothing with him during his mission, and letting in the misc. viruses, etc., that are always in standard Earth air kicked his body back into whack.​
Sound at all familiar?​