(Found) 1980's? Ancient Bio-engineering ship found, adventures follow, thought 'Tuffy's War'? nothing found


Apr 13, 2020
I think it's called Tuffy's War, pretty positive Tuffy is correct, the war part not so much. Searches through various websites and search engines have found nothing matching. No idea on author.
Published in the 1980's, possibly 1970's. Space Tugboat? Captain Tuffy is hired to find a missing legendary bio-enginneering ship. He finds it, and lands inside. One of the searchers puts one of his cats outside to test the air. All the searchers die in horrible ways due to the monsters left onboard. Tuffy finds the bridge, gains control of the ship, and then goes on adventures with his cats (he clones? the deceased cat with the ships capabilities).
One recurring theme is a massive space station they keep visiting with a population control problem. Tuffy gives them plants and animals several times to help, but the population simply explodes each time because they won't practice birth control (due to religion?). The last story for them, he embeds birth control into the food, I *think* he called it mana, a fruit that tastes like anything you want, and leaves the space station director with the choice of giving it to the population unknowing, or letting them slowly starve.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
YES! Thank you so much, it was driving me crazy remembering so much, and yet not knowing enough to find it :)
There are a series of stories set in that universe, aboard that ship. Ship was a remnant of the Ecology Service of the old "Empire." Love the concept of biological samples in suspended animation-- including a T-Rex...
Yeah, I remember several of the stories, just couldn't remember Tuf instead of Tuffy, or that it was Voyaging instead of War. That's what old age does to you :)