(Found) Future war with past and present soldiers

Danny McG

Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK
This was a book or long short story I read at least 40 years ago.....I'm sorry about the vagueness - I've used my checklists but too many years have passed.

An old(ish) sci Fi book.
They set up recruiting stations in various cities throughout history and the soldiers end up in a future war.
Was it by Van Vogt maybe?

The one I'm thinking of they recruit and train and then time portal to a major warzone....a bit like these savage futurians in ferocity - the enemy recruits by kidnap and brainwash....a bit like in a plague of demons
There's a new TV series just advertised-- "Tomorrow War..." Wonder where TV gets its ideas...

"A supposedly $200 million dollar sci-fi spectacle about contemporary people being conscripted into a future war that pits the human race against some very hungry aliens, “The Tomorrow War” sure is a mighty huge thing to watch at home on a (comparatively) small screen."

Seems like a mashup of 2 ideas!

...and the title of the book, "To Serve Mankind," was similar to a title of a book in an old Popeye cartoon - (Pop-Pie A La Mode) "How To Serve Your Fellow Man" by Ima Cannibal
I found the answer on another site....
Recruiting station aka The masters of time by AE Van Vogt
On the rare instances I have an answer, you nearly always get there first Danny :)

I know this from my formative SF years devouring Van Vogt but I read the expanded version (I believe) - Earth's Last Fortress