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Apr 19, 2014
It's been fun return to the competition, for me.
First of all, my thanks go out to Lawrence Twiddy, Albernovo (thanks for the wonderful comment), and Cat’s Cradle for the mentions/listing. A ginormous thanks, Phyrebrat, for your vote.

My shortlist was:

I’ll Help You Tomorrow by Cat’s Cradle

Immortal by DanielOwen

The Clone by Will Mack

Kept it in the family by Chrispenycate

My vote went to The Searcher by johnnyjet

Finally, a gargantuan congratulations to Luiglin for the victory!

BT Jones

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Feb 12, 2020
As ever one or two stories I couldn't fathom or which I didn't feel quite hit the theme, but that still left it hard to summon up a short shortlist, but here it is:

BT Jones -- Apathetic Adolescent -- someone needs to grow up very quickly or there will be real trouble​
Cat's Cradle -- I'll Help You Tomorrow -- ooh, nasty, CC!​
chrispenycate -- Kept it in the family -- relative relativity related​
DanielOwen -- Immortal -- the narrator doth protest too much, methinks​
Daysman -- Note to Self -- time-twisting and double-crossing​
Hugh -- My Dragon -- a sweet tale as second childhood brings back childhood friends​
Mon0Zer0 -- Wannacry -- I confess I'm not sure I understood it, but excellent writing triumphed​
mosaix -- Reunion -- where the wages of sin fall due​
Wayne Mack -- The Clone -- ethics and compassion and a life and death decision​
After re-reading them all and a lot of umming and ahhing it came down to a toss-up between two entries, but BT Jones and his warning tale just pipped Daysman to the winning post for my vote.

Goodness, I never expected so much attention for my daft piece! But handsome, hand-kissing thanks for the lovely mentions and shortlistings sule, BTJ, Phyrebrat, Chris p, Luiglin and CC, and worth-every-penny (and a whole lot more!) serial but highly monogamous thanks for the stupendous votes Mon0Zer0, Parson, johnnyjet, farntfar and Aber!

In the 75s, yes, though there have been two instances of 3-way tie breaks, but there was a 4-way in the 300s back in October 2011.

(I'm already ironing the peach-coloured taffeta, because whatever happens, it's inevitable I'll be bridesmaid yet again...)
Thanks so much for the vote, Your Majesty. I completely missed the fact that you'd voted for me, so was delighted to see something on the board when I made one last check of the poll (what a vain so-and-so I am).

My hand I doth present.


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Oct 11, 2006
Congratualtions @Luiglin


I struggled for a story this month. But hit upon the idea of how love sometimes is fostered in long distance relationships. But what if the distance was so great there was not even the slightest hope even for touch in the future? Did that make the possibility of true love nonexistent? My story told me that the answer to that question was a solid "No."

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