Your favourite game characters?


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Jul 14, 2005
Ahhhh WOW… I have an Elven warrior who thought there were only two races in the alliance, elves and dwarves. She called all gnomes and humans dwarves.

In city of heroes, I hadn’t ancient Persian warrior resurrected to Atlas Park.who learned English from watching Big Trouble in Little China. and because it was a comic book style, superhero game, player comments did not only show up in a chat box. They showed up in bubble text above characters heads. So I would just spam all of Kurt Russell‘s lines.

Someone mentioned the Salarian scientist from Mass Effect 2 and 3… Dr. Mordin Solis. Great character. I loved him.

Jolee Bindo from Knights of the Old Republic. He is my hands down favorite Jedi.

HK-47. “Statement: Just a simple droid. Nothing to see here. Move along.” “Query: May I blast him now, Master?”

Varric Tethras from the Dragon Age series. Trader, archer, spy, and trashy dime store romance novelist. The moment when you find out that Cassandra (devout, inflexible, and proper) is a huge fan of his novels is one of the most priceless moments in gaming character development.

The Silver Shroud. Okay, so the Shroud is not a character, but a persona which the PC can adopt. The Silver Shroud story arc hasradio episodes featuring superbly voiced character tropes. There are clothes, a machine gun, dropping calling cards on the deceased, and the ability to sometimes speak as the Shroud. I just wished I could’ve forced Cait or Piper to role play the Mistress of Mayhem.

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