6.15 USS Pennsylvania


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May 27, 2013
missile launch.JPG

I don't know how much damage 10 nuclear warheads can inflict on the planet, but I'm guessing things will take a turn for the worse for anyone caught above ground when they start their return runs.
I'm assuming that Teddy hasn't overlooked something in his master plan, like a self-destruct button hidden under the control panel or an expired “use by” date on the MIRV. If the sub was among the targets programmed, Morgan and Co. will be the first to know how well Teddy's plan worked.
I thought Strand throwing Morgan into a pack of walkers to escape, only to have Morgan pop back on screen to keep Dakota from giving Stand his well-deserved ending was cheap drama. Worse, Morgan didn't even seem properly annoyed at Strand's treachery.
Apparently, Strand can't be killed. Maybe Dakota, the new weather vane character, will get another opportunity to take him out.
The battle to get to the control room seemed to lack intensity A walker here, a couple of walkers there, instead of all 150 crew members massed together. Were they all at their general quarters stations when they were somehow sealed into the sub?



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May 4, 2005
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This series has had some brilliant episodes, this one was a damp squib.
Not enough tension, Morgan's obsession with being the only one who had to die was starting to grate on me, Strand throwing him to the walkers to complete the mission seemed more like something the writers threw in to remind us who Strand used to be. Didn't really fit with his recent behaviour.
Then up pops Dakota to kill Strand only to be stopped by Morgan, not believable.
Letting Teddy and Riley walk, another mistake, the Strand we know would have ignored Morgan's order to let them go.
I also agree Morgan should have been a lot angrier.
The missiles will probably turn out to be duds.