Looking for short story with a main plot point about droit du seigneur


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May 26, 2021

I’m looking for a short story that was in a complication of short stories probably in the eighties.

The plot was that in a secluded village after a virus had made most men sterile the leaders of the village set up the one not sterile man as the “Lord” and use the droit du seigneur or primae noctis right to sleep with a bride on her wedding night in order to impregnate her. The “lord“ was very reluctant and hated the whole situation.

I appreciate any help. It’s kind of like an ear worm when you can’t get a song to leave your head.

It should be “compilation“ in the first line, I don’t see anyplace to edit. Sorry.

And by compilation I mean a book, paperback, of sci fi stories. I don’t know really when or where I got it but I think it was late seventies or early eighties when I read it.

Thanks so much.

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