(Found) Sci-Fi: FTL drive that can cause some humans to become Werewolves


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May 25, 2021
I read it around 1980, I think it was published about that time. I read it in paperback.
Male protagonist is marooned on desert planet after his captain discovers he can become a werewolf. On the planet he finds a female with same affliction and was also marooned there. They team up to survive and soon an alien humanoid species crashes their spaceship on the planet. The two protagonist assist the new arrivals (smaller humanoid females) to repair their ship, as that species is new to space travel (In fact I believe that in the book the aliens had brought their spaceship from another planet). The protagonist had concocted a cover story to explain why they are marooned on the planet. Now while trying to repair the ship the two protagonist they to keep the others from finding out their secret. Soon strange things start happening and it is discovered that the alien humanoid are also afflicted by the same type of FTL drive but in their case become a large werecat type creature instead (due to their different DNA).
Side note: The aliens have several cat or catlike (pets) that wander around their ship but these cats can talk if I remember correctly.

I remember liking the book (but I was 13) now I can not remember the name of the book. Thanks in Advance.
Tachyon, thanks, I do believe that is it. I just downloaded it and will start reading tonight. The cover definitely looks familiar.

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