May / June 100 Word Anonymous Challenge Discussion

As I'm getting prepared for the poll post later tonight, I was thinking that when I post the 'spoiler' list after the winner is announced, there will be a bunch of non-guessing game members who will know who wrote what. Technically, I won't be the only one able to correct guesses.
How do we limit this, or should we? Maybe it is a good thing to have someone else checking when I'm at work and can't review a post for 6 hours.
Votes go to "The Immortals of San Francisco" and "A Fight about Money".
Lots of great entries as usual (no shortlist due to guessing game)

Votes go to

Head-to-head - was this based on the old (Mel) Smith & (Griff Rhys) Jones sketches? If so , it was very well done and very funny.

Happy Ending - what a sad little tale. Very good this one.
I voted for Again and Difficult Hats, both very different but utterly delicious!
Excellent theme choice, @Daysman. The number of entries and high variance in style and tone confirm as much.
My shortlist:
  • Details are the Devil
  • The Long Goodbye
  • Immortals of SF
  • Though I May Live Forever
  • Why Masterpieces Sometimes...
  • Difficult Hats (Great title, BTW)
  • In Praise of Naked Mole Rats
  • The Afterlife Just Ain't...
In the end, I voted for:
  • A Tricky Conversation - I really heard and pictured Chris Hemsworth there!
  • A Promise Kept - A beautiful poem.
Quite a bit of varied stories. In the end, I voted for:
  • Details are the devil
  • Y2K
The following also tickled my fancy, but barely missed out:
  • The Immortals of San Francisco
  • What does it mean to die?
  • Where Dreams Come True
  • Version 2.0
A Promise Kept
Tithonus, I
Planck's variable

A Tricky Conversation
Where Dreams Come True
A Promise Kept

A Fight About Money
A Warm Tingle
Quite a wide spread of votes so far.

Yes, and it's great to see a decent numbers of voters already as well as 3 pages of entries to vote for.

I think that the 100 word challenge fills much-needed a gap between the 75 and 300 word challenges. Even though it's only an extra 25 words, barely two sentences, it's quite noticeable how much difference there is between them. Not better or worse, just different.
Top 5:

The Long Goodbye - watching a child go out on their own is a difficult thing

Only Nothing Is Forever - the curse of the blessing

*A Warm Tingle - instructions are important

*Small Talk Over Breakfast - sucks to be ephemeral

A Promise Kept - immortality in death
So far there are 20 voters, soon to be 21. I am hoping for more, since there were 27 participants. There is a nice spread of votes, with a few that seem to be favoured.
My short list:
Immortals of San Francisco - who doesn't feel invincible when they are young?
Near Forgotten Gods - For this wonderful image "But after a moment Teseru begins to laugh. Great rumbles of pleasure ripple along the silty floor as he trudges toward the shore."
A Promise Kept - Oh, that we could rely on an immortal myth's promise.
Vocabulous - because we've all felt time stretch and contract, depending on the circumstances.

Votes go to:
Head-to-head - for the entertainment and the humour
If Only There Was a Memory Elixir - because that's a typical mixup I would make. It's all in the details.
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Short-listed & votes:

The Immortals of San Francisco
A Fight About Money
Planck's Variable
Happy Ending?
This is the list of stories and authors for those who want to know who they voted for and DO NOT want to participate in the Guessing Game.
Comments about the stories are welcome, but please don't give away anything that may reveal the authors before they are correctly guessed.

To keep things simpler, I will be the only one correcting the guesses for now.

Once the game has run its course, I will provide more comprehensive breakdown lists like I usually do at the end of the Challenge.


A child of his time - Daysman
A Fight About Money - BT Jones
Again - reddishbird
Always Make Sure it's a Head Shot - Peter V
A Promise Kept - paranoid marvin
A Tricky Conversation - paranoid marvin
A Warm Tingle - Mon0zer0
Battle on the Mountain - JS Wiig
Charade - gracefully.falling
Contact - Valtharius
Details are the Devil - bedyak
Difficult Hats - Daysman
Eternity - G.T.
Firebird - chrispenycate
Four Gods in Conversation - Ian Fortytwo
Happy Ending - mosaix
Head-to-head - Luiglin
If Only There Was a Memory Elixir - therapist
Immortalised in Print - paranoid marvin
In Praise of the Naked Mole Rat - chrispenycate
Meeting No. 2,987,087 - Elckleryc
My Fellow Immortals - Elckleryc
Near-forgotten gods - elle telle
Omnia - BT Jones
Only Nothing is Forever - M. Robert Gibson
Our Turn - Provincial
Pandemic - JS Wiig
Planck's variable - Mon0zer0
Requiem - Victoria Silverwolf
Small Talk Over Breakfast - Elckleryc
So who is this Grod fella anyway? - farntfar
The Afterlife just ain't what it used to be - Mon0zer0
The Creator - Astro Pen
The Curse of Forever - crispenycate
The Definition of Life - Ashleyne
The Immortals of San Francisco - Astro pen
The Long Good-bye - Provincial
The View From Above - Valtharius
Though I May Live Forever - Guttersnipe
Tithonius, I - chrispenycate
Version 2.0 - JS Wiig
Vocabulous - crispenycate
weight of the world - Daysman
What does it mean to die? - emrosenagel
Where Dreams come True - paranoid marvin
Why Some Masterpieces Remain Unfinished - Elckleryc
Y2K - Bren G

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