PS9[/Tron]-esque Movie - [different production/searching for similar trailer]


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Apr 21, 2021

There was either a concept art trailer/teaser or perhaps even a full-length classic movie
that I had seen nearly a decade ago, more or less in 2009,
though the production could have been something much older,
where it showed a few minutes of
a extremely dark hyperfuturistic city
with neon highlights& mechanical canyon cybernetic tunnels,
like a person being dropped into deeper layers or in flying cart travel
being genetically modified? or given a tour of this massive enclosed yet spacious deep layers of tech?
finishing with this transparent digital framed trolly
followed by a light projector miles away
above a 10,000ft open air black expanse
taking cybersuited passengers to the city.

This is NOT:
Blade Runner
Fifth Element
or any near-future Cyberpunk environment
i.e. the era of setting would be much cleaner, digital, & 10,000 years into the future advanced society
Visually though, it would look most similar to Tron, possibly grainy, possibly HD clarity.

I have been trying to remember how to find the link to this trailer for a age now
without any luck. I believe it was posted on a reddit thread as "xbox console in the future!",
but i could be wrong about that. I've searched every term that I though might find the results to no avail.
I feel like this could have been a old 80s/90s live action film,
but at the same time there could have been very advance CG visuals with a short few minute duration
*note: I could be thinking of two different trailers I saw back-to-back on the same day,
if anything you can think of fits either of these descriptions,
please let me know!

I think any suggestions of movies that look like Tron, but aren't Tron, could lead us to what I'm looking for.

I'm desperate to find this production again,
as I find it as a inspiration in my memory
for concept art in a future videogame project I'm developing.


Attached is a quick drawing I made meant to resemble the Digital Trolly scene described above:
Digital Trolly Concept.jpg