Ape Western Graphic Novel


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Apr 13, 2021
I have been searching for a graphic novel or comic that involved planet of the apes style characters but set in a classic wester theme.

So far I have not found that this has been done before.

Any one know of an existing example?
Six Gun Gorilla - a 1939 British pulp serial by Bear Brubaker (?)Very cool. The below comics are inspired by it.
Six Gun Gorilla by Stockley and Spurrier - doesn't fit exactly, but a great limited series.
Six Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengence by Christagu and Sibar -"an intelligent, sharp-shooting circus gorilla who blazes a trail across the Old West in search of the outlaws who murdered the man who raised him. Along the way he joins forces with his human sister, the only one who truly understands him, and Union spy Giuliano Schmidt. Together they hunt down the killers, only to find themselves uncovering a much greater threat: a munitions tycoon with a sinister plan to prolong the Civil War." - also great fun.
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