(Found) Android/Robot Manservant Elopes (Resembles Leslie Howard)


Apr 3, 2021
This futuristic short story (which may have been in a dusty pre (or much older) 1990s sci fi collection/anthology (Hardback)) is about a man who has a manservant android that is said to resemble the actor Leslie Howard. They have a brief talk and the man meets his (new?) mate or girlfriend whom it appears was matched with him (by some futuristic method or service). They both appear friendly but impersonal as a couple, she has a female android servant too. Later on the couple find out that their androids fell in love and eloped.

I realised I grouped this search with another short story so am adding it to its own post. Thank you.
The question was answered in this thread....

The answer was given (and accepted by Surferella) as The robot who looked like me by Robert Sheckley

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