Nice choices, Victoria! I love that the genre's only Science Fiction, and 'Cities' brought something immediately to mind.
And I just happened to be up. :) So, that's me in. Good luck all, with your stories, CC
Must be a really good theme @Victoria Silverwolf. There are 5 stories up already!

@Cat's Cradle .... Rome .... reminds us that eternal is not truly applied to anything temporal.

@Guttersnipe .... Do Your Part .... brings to mind the famous quote "Let this cup pass from me. Yet not my will be yours."

@reddishbird .... Transfiguration .... helps us understand that time marches on and the circle of life continues its horrible/wonderful spin.

@JS Wiig .... Civic Duty .... explores the depths of duty to family and duty to place.

@Astro Pen .... Eternal City .... reminds us that evil pleasure might indeed be eternal.
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Cat's Cradle dwells in the city of loss and regret.

Guttersnipe dwells in the city of community and altruism.

reddishbird dwells in the city of mortality and rebirth.

JS Wiig dwells in the city of loyalty and sacrifice.

Astro Pen dwells in the city of cruelty and exploitation.
An intriguing combination of theme and genre for this month, and great to see that we are already into double figures with entries.
So there we go, I'm in. And although not as early as last month still very early by my recent standards.

More stunning yet, I've written my 300 word and am waiting for the 10th .

Is there something wrong with me?
@therapist .... Sword Fighting Tower Cities .... When one spire receives all the attention the others go limp.

@paranoid marvin .... Voice From The Past .... Nothing succeeds so completely as failure.

@nixie .... An Age Old Problem .... Retributive justice can seem just or just too far.

@Lawrence Twiddy .... Los Angeles 2097AD .... It might be a mess, but I love my mess.

@Marvin .... Heavenly Abode .... The problem with cities in the future will be the same problem that cities had in the past.

@Perpetual Man .... Urban Perfection .... Sometimes imperfections are far more alive than perfect perfection.
@Peter V .... A Tale of Two Cities .... Parson shivers at the thought of a lost digit.
Are you thinking it should be like a twelve, or maybe a twenty?

As an aside, what happened to the “Preview” button?