Unforgotten (spoilers!)


Smeerp of Wonder
Staff member
Oct 13, 2008
West Sussex, UK
I don't know where else to rant about this. I'd never seen Unforgotten, ITV's cold-case drama series, until about a month ago. Then I discovered series 1-3 on Netflix, thought they were brilliant, and turned to series 4, showing on ITV. I've just watched the last episode, broadcast on Monday night.

Aaaaaaaaaaargh! What did they do that for? Not only was it unfair to Cass's character, who deserved to have a nice life, it was nonsense storytelling. The accident had nothing to do with the case, it distracted from the case (which had been cleverly built up for three weeks and suddenly turned into the B story), and worst of all it was an appalling cliche. How many times have we seen spoofs of cop shows which include the line "and he was only two days from retirement"?

What an earth was served by this emotionally manipulative plot-swerve? Someone tell me!