(Found) Time crystals and consciousness traveling from mother to daughter


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Mar 30, 2021

I read this book several times as a teen and I loved it. If I recall correctly the general plot was about a girl who was slated to be on a ship able to travel near or at the speed of light and how everything she knew at home would be gone when she came back. She was also in love with a boy but I'm not sure of they admitted their feelings when she left.. somehow she ended up finding a time crystal and at one point she had children and when she died, her consciousness transferred to her daughter.. who if I recall was able to go back to earth and back in time to the boy she loved.. please help if you are able to give me an idea on what this book was called and who authored it.

The cover had a girl reaching out in a sort of desert setting in an *I think* unhelmeted space suit reaching out to a purple glowing Crystal.. it had that typical ya SciFi 70s-80s style art

Love you all!
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Good job! And thanks for reporting the find. It might just help someone else another time.
Strangely though; the cover description reminds me of crystal singer by McCaffery

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