(Found) Looking For a Sci-fi Book I Never Finished In College


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Mar 27, 2021
So I'm looking for one of the few books i actually enjoyed learning. Due to me not being able to buy the book back then i only had access to the few couple of chapters but now I am looking for it to finish it. It goes something like that
I read the book in like 2013 so I'm guessing its maybe early 2000's or so -
sci-fi - set in future(maybe 100-200years) mostly in space - Somewhat realistic future of humanity(Takes a long time to build massive ships to explore various other solar systems)/Ships stop at Jupiter to collect hydrogen, etc to refuel/using various gas giants to refuel ships as they travel to other systems. Required specialized ships strong enough to get far enough into the gas giants atmosphere to 'pump fuel' (the hydrogen,etc) from the planet. They start out kind of like the Mass Effect Humans(or maybe from the game Sins of a Solar Rebellion) did. Where they meet the first other alien race(to humans) and start fighting but their ships aren't really made for combat at that time and are outclassed. Main character(male) has dreams of future events. An example would be when he has a dream of the alien attackers using the opposing side of a solar system and maneuvering around using its sun to hide. He uses that dream in particular to fight the first aliens the human civilization meet after suffering a defeat and losing a fleet of ships to an "unknown" force. He uses said dream and sends like 5 or so ai drones (think of like HALO AI where they have their own personality and thoughts but not wanting to destroy humanity) strapped with nukes to the opposing side of the solar system. With the sun disrupting communication the main character and someone else(maybe one of the older ai) come up with the idea to use nukes to not only signal that the ai squad had engaged the enemy but as a weapon. After this success the main character is given control of humanities first designed for war battleship. After a dream he refuses to take command for its maiden voyage to attack the enemy and it reprimanded for refusal . After the fleet with that capital ship leave to attack it is found out that the fleet is destroyed along with the new ship. That is as much as i remember.
I don't remember an author/main character's name
It's not a dystopian or utopian society or at least for the first few chapters I don't recall them really touching on it.
It's not star wars/star trek
ok, there are somethings that might not apply but most of the story reminds me of the synchronicity war by dietmar arthur wehr
Dietmar Arthur Wehr (fantasticfiction.com)
AHH YES THIS IS IT. Thank you. All my searching on amazon/google and so on never came up with anything. I tried a handful of Libraries and book stores but no one had any idea. Already bought a paper copy of the first part
Way to go tobl! Less than 4 hours for a successful reply. I'm kinda thinking I might like to read this now.
it'a an interesting series actually. i think the first 4 books are good. there's a fifth called the retro war that i think goes to the fountain one too many times if you get my drift.

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