SFF-Chronicles Authors Paper Editions.


Dec 10, 2012
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Wasn't sure where to post this.
These are a few of the Chrons Authors works that I've collected recently.
Not everyone does the Paper editions, so some I've read are only in e-book.
However I also know there are some authors with paper books whose work I might not have.

Here's how some of them look grouped together...


Has anyone else been collecting chrons authors?
I’ve not been collecting per se but I have a few of them in print. I know you’re not counting ebooks but I’ve got a fair few of them too.As much as I like ebooks I think it’s often nice to have something in print form when this forum brings you in contact with the creator of the piece of work.
Nice collection. I must confess that i have only read Toby's Space Captain Smith and Brian's Destroyer trilogy.

Actually, I'm in all those so don't think it counts, though I am a Chronner. :ROFLMAO: To be fair, Distaff is Chrons and so is The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel - I do also have another antho that's not pictured here which has @Perpetual Man and alchemist in (as well as me). I took this pic when we were packing up to move and I was surprised by how many books I had that I was in. Most of these are crap, btw, so in no way a brag!

I do have one of Jo's (which is signed, I believe), one of Harebrain's, one of Theresa's... probably some others I can't remember and most of my books are still in boxes so I can't go look. I also have some ebooks.
Here are a couple more:
Francis knight
Dennis E Taylor
The two hard bound volumes at the end are mine.
I think mostly friend and family have purchased that--they are a bit expensive.


I put in A world out of Time by Larry Niven because of Dennis' We are Legion--there are some strong parallels in the way these two novels begin and I wonder if Dennis has read Niven's book--If not he should just to see what I mean.

I also put in The Beasts of Upton Puddle by Simon West-Bulford [the middle one that's all hazy]because is was someone's recommend or search here that caused this purchase.

After a bit of searching I see that Simon is a member here and it may be his post in 2013 or 2014 that prompted me to look for the book.
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I probably read more ebooks than physical books these days, but I seem to have a good collection of Chrons members' writings as actual paper on shelves. Physical copies of books by Jo Zebedee, Juliana, Francis/Julia Knight (depending upon which nom de plume she used at the time), Toby Frost, Steven Poore, and HareBrain, as well as some anthologies, including the great Distaff. My problem lies in that several of them are in a different country to me.

I have ebooks of Mouse, Teresa, Brian, Nick Bailey, and Laura Lam. Some of those I'd really like to get in paper form (shout out particularly to EJ Tett's Shuttered, and Lam's Micah Grey series), but I need space to store them. I also want to get hold of one of Jim Worrad's space operas to try.
Shuttered was only ever published as an ebook. I made a print copy for myself. Happy to make you one and send you a copy (free) if you remind me of your address. :)
Shuttered was only ever published as an ebook. I made a print copy for myself. Happy to make you one and send you a copy (free) if you remind me of your address. :)
Shush, no. I'm happy with having a First Edition ebook! When you get rich and famous, and have to reprint all your old stories in collectors' editions, then I'll buy it. ;)

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