Long short story about a man with dementia


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Mar 3, 2021
I don't know how old this story was, but I know it was at least 30 years old because I read it that long ago. It's longer than a short story. has a short opening prologue in which a man whose name is Rush is looking at his dying mother who has severe dementia and hoping he has to go through nothing like that. In the next scene, he is waking up to his AI, that he has programmed to take care of him in case it happened to him. It wakes him up with a song and tells him the title of it and gets him through breakfast and ADLs and sends him out to pass the time. He runs into people and has conversations and puts everything in his pocket like his AI says and shows it the stuff when he gets home. Eventually he solves a murder I mean his AI solves a murder and kills the murderer and at the same time kills him too. I guess for a convenient suicide because the dementia was getting bad. Has anyone got a hint for me?

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