DISCUSSION THREAD -- March 2021 -- 75-Word Writing Challenge

@Guttersnipe .... Rescue Mission .... Good friends are hard to come by.

@TheEndIsNigh .... More Setbacks in the Fight Against Global Warming .... No job is done until the paperwork is consulted and completed.
Is it always more difficult to think up an entry when you are the one setting the Challenge? Seems so to me. I have an idea, but I'm struggling to get it into a poetical form, so I may need to try a different format.
@paranoid marvin what would be the irony of everyone writing verse in you honor, while you wrote prose for your own challenge?

Yes I was thinking that myself! Checking back, 9 of my last 11 entries to the Challenge have been poems, so I do occasionally choose prose. I would like to try and come up with a poetical entry for my own Challenge; thankfully I've still got a couple more weeks to try and figure something out.
@Astro Pen .... A Matter of Scale .... The source of Anne McCaffrey's inspiration has been located and it's a really good tale.

@Wayne Mack .... The Tale of Icarus .... Alternate history or fake news can really make a dragon story sing.

@chopper .... Rosalind Franklin's Fantastic Voyagers .... Dragon science can make the world a more interesting place.
Now there's an avatar hasn't been seen around challenges for a while Umm, September, but 2010, if I've got it right? How's South Yorkshire?
I'm sure I did a couple after that, but not many. SoYo is sunny today, surprisingly. How are you, Chris? Remembering that you were at the first SFSF back in oooooooooh 2015?
@Peter V .... Nary an Iceberg in Sight... .... It's never to early to learn that boring can be good.
@Tywin .... Just Give me Three Steps... .... Sometimes what seems so right turns out so wrong.

@Artoriarius .... Here There Be Humans .... Being master of your own land, does not make you master of all lands.

@BT Jones .... Grace Under Fire .... The past is always beautiful in retrospect and the present looks crass, but is it?
@luriantimetraveler .... Untitled .... Choose your proverb: "Be sure your sin will find you out." or "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it." and know that you are grounded until you turn 48.
@Michael Bickford .... Here Be Dragons .... The dragons have been located they have been found alive and well with mind and pen.

@Hugh .... Evensong .... The call to leave the world of cares behind and live free riding the wind is undeniable.
Peter V: A warning against too much excitement.

Bren G: An appreciation of the importance of allies.

Tywin: A suggestion that one balance boldness with caution.

Artoriarius: A study of one engaged in scientific research.

BT Jones: A poetic tribute to what has been lost.

luriantimetraveler: A portrait of innocence and its consequences.

Michael Bickford: An introspective look at the self and the other.

Hugh: A vision of what lies beyond.

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