For me, the bad guys.

bird of prey.jpg

If only for the emotional buzz I feel when it appears elsewhere such as in DS9. I guess it is a nostalgia thing as this was the ship of my childhood, and I like the idea that it is one of a few, ( thirteen wasn't it?) rather than just one of many.
The Klingon Bird of Prey of the vintage of ST:IV. I like the variable wing angles...
And Enterprise NX-01 [it managed to look old fashioned and futuristic at the same time. And I only found out recently that there was a plan to add a secondary hull to give it a more familiar "Enterprise" profile, but the show was cancelled before it could be worked in.
NCC 1701 C Enterprise Ambassador Class starship.:cool:
I was always a fan of the Enterprise-A aesthetic, with the Reliant and Belknap being my favourite.

For me, the Romulan bird-of-prey wins (narrowly) over the Constitution-class vessels. I like the Romulans’ “Romans in SPACE!” design aesthetic too much (which is also why their uniforms of the same era are my second-favourite uniforms of the franchise).
I think the klingon battle cruiser.
It was really cool in the Motion Picture when we see those ships heading towards V-ger.

1. Excelsior
2. Reliant
3. Refit/A
4. Enterprice C

Remember, Han shot first, and Federation earth ships have round saucers.

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