Songs inspired by The Lord of the Rings...

You can imagine the scene

"So Doctor Spock..."

"It's Leonard, not Spock. And anyway it's Mister not Doctor"

"Oh, you Trekkers!"

"It's Trekkies"

"Whatever. Anyway, we want you to sing a psychedelic song about Bilbo Baggins"


"Oh , and by the way the dancing girls in the video will all be wearing Spock ears"

"But Captain, that is most illogical!"
Strictly speaking "inspired" by The Hobbit (and who knows what quantity of industrial-strength pharmaceuticals) rather than LOTR.

Nevertheless, unmissable, as this poor-quality video demonstrates.

The version in the link in the first post is better quality, assuming (a) it really matters, and (b) anyone actually cares...

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