(Found) Sci fi Novel about corporate espionage using bioengineered people who are seen as property and can change their genetic makeup


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Feb 8, 2021
I read this book sometime in the late 1990s to early 2000s. I dont remember the exact year but it was past the cassette players and into when people were listening to CDs i believe.

The Book is set in the far future. Everything is run by corporations. Technology has gotten to be so good that the only way to get past security at the largest firms is to have what are i believed refered to as a genetic blank. A bioengineered person that has no gender or genetalia initially and is seen as property. They can change into any other human if they can gain some of their genetic material by having that decoded and their genetic input put into a disc. They insert the disc into a slot in their abdomen and then their blank dna adapts to the programmed new dna. They match the person they turn into identically but they dont have their memories.

The story focuses on one of the genetic blanks who identifies as male though he doesn't have a specific designated gender. It follows him through his struggle to obtain freedom. There is an underground rebellion of the genetic blanks who have broken away from the corporations who owned them. Some were used as pit fighters and were turned into chimera esque people. I believe there was at least one who was half scorpion. Some of the blanks in the rebellion chose to fuse their disc trays so they were permanently in the form they chose. The rebellion was lead by a blank who identified as female.

Its definitely is a book written for adults. Was borrowed from a public library in Canada. Also written in English.

I unfortunately do not remember the author or book title. I believe the cover was mostly dark colours with some green on it but I'm not certain.

If anyone can find this book ill love you forever. I've been looking for at least 15 years. Thanks for taking the time to read this.