Where in the UK is The Orville available to stream?


Nerf Herder
Nov 10, 2007
Sutton, Surrey
So before we got Now TV I had to watch the first series through a pirate site. I hate pirate sites because of the amount of pop-ups and the constant worry of contracting malware of some kind.

last night, I suddenly remembered "Oooh! Orville was Sky exclusive, it'll be on Now TV!" No it isn't.

So where the smeg is it? It sure as heck isn't on Netflix or Prime
I believe it used to be a Now TV, but as you say it no longer is. Doesn't look like it be streamed anywhere, though it's available to buy from a number of places (lowest looks to be £13.99 per series on Chili, whatever that is. £14.99 on Amazon): JustWatch - The Orville

Hulu has the rights in the US. Looking at a list of the shows they stream, none jump out as ones I recognise as being available in the UK. The third series of The Orville might pop up as available when it airs, but I wouldn't hold my breath for legal streaming of the already aired series any time soon.
So it would appear that I'll have to Pirate stream it, or wait and then maybe just maybe it might come back on Now. Yay.

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