Woman preserved in ice brought back to life, turns out from an ancient yet technologically advanced race...read early-mid 70s, novel, paperback

Dave Shorts

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Feb 3, 2021
Anyone help with this novel search?
- Woman found preserved in ice brought to life, turns out to be from an ancient yet technologically far advanced race...

•was from a library;
•my guess was written late 60s/very early 70s;
•there were some machines with her which only she could operate - one appeared to convert food from the air (or perhaps from energy?) which was good as she couldn’t/wouldn’t eat anything “we” could provide & appeared horrified that “we” ate anything that was once alive (incl. vegetables)...
... the other appeared to be a glove or gauntlet - but was in fact a massively destructive weapon! {the Ultimate “point & shoot” ! };
•she appeared to be a refugee (or survivor ?) from both an ancient love triangle and a war/conflict. ...
... for years I thought this book was called “recalled to life” & was by Robert Silverberg. - obvs. know better now !


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Sep 21, 2005
Are you sure that this is a novel? I think that I once read a fairly old (circa 1930s?) pulp short story with the same (or at least very similar) details. The woman was found in Antarctica, if I recall correctly, in a kind of suspended animation. If you think that could be it, I'll try to dig up the title.

EDIT: Never mind. The 30s story I was thinking of is "The Other" (1934) by Howard W. Graham. It's very short and only really matches on the detail of finding a woman frozen in ice long ago.

The only other story I can think of with that outline is the one mentioned by Venusion Broon. A question about that story at scifi.stackexchange.com mentions that the people of the ancient civilization ate "energy pills," as well.
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