Watchmen-Favorite Characters and Why?

Favorite Character from Alan Moore's "Watchmen"

  • Rorschach

  • Dr. Manhattan

  • Nite Owl

  • Silk Spectre

  • Comedian

  • Ozymandias

  • other...

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Jan 17, 2021
I have just finished reading the graphic novel by Alan Moore for the first time in years and I was curious about something. Seeing as this is a social platform, I was hoping to ask what characters from Watchmen you were most fond of and why. Just a curious question to start a discussion.
Maybe fond isn't the right word, but I really enjoy Rorschach.

My feelings exactly. It's his story. Plus the other characters feel a little dull now.

I haven't read Watchmen in years, and last time I tried, I didn't get far -- a real contrast with how blown away I was by it when I first read it (at university, possibly). The artwork, though well executed, seems very static compared with that of e.g. Akira. I guess it's easy to forget how groundbreaking it was at the time.
For me it's between Rorscach and Dr. Manhattan. I like how Rorscach, while more a vigilante than a hero, stays true to his...ethics...throughout. I like him for the same mainreason I like Batman--no special powers, but gets by on his training and intelligence. I feel like I can somehow relate to Dr. Manhattan, in that he always seems detached, and likely is, but at the same time is a complicated soul who's often misunderstood.
If I could have done I would have voted for Nite Owl and Silk Spectre, as their story arc is intertwined, and it's from those two that the hope of redemption is derived. But they're all great characters.

Giving this a bump as next month's episode of Chronscast will be focusing on Watchmen, with our special guest Tade Thompson, who is very much of the opinion that it still stands up!
I like Watchmen in large part because all the characters are flawed and unlikeable. Even the most moral character, Nite Owl, if a nerdy fat guy with shame issues.
Rorschach is my favorite. He's got a very clear if not completely bat crap crazy view of the world that he follows to the letter. He's problematic and he is supposed to be. I wouldn't want him roaming the streets in real life but I think he presents the last vestiges of idealized morality in a changing world that isn't changing for the better.

Every character in the series is an archetype but there is something perfectly broken and flawed about his character that feels the most human.
I voted Manhattan, because he is a really excellent extrapolation of the superman concept.

However, the movie version of the Comedian is a much more complex and even tragic figure compared to the book, probably because of the adorably sympathetic Jeffrey Dean Morgan. And I would consider him for a movie poll.
Manhattan, then Rorschach.

I like Manhattan as a symbol for the Buddha. There are some interesting spiritual dimensions to the character.

Rorschach is the type of guy I've most identified with since absorbing a character like that in early childhood.

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