Beatles songs for Middle-Earth characters?


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Sep 19, 2020
The lovely state of Denial
So, a couple movies that I have viewed recently are The Two Towers and Yellow Submarine. The other night I had a sudden vision of Gollum sitting all by himself in his cave while the Beatles sang "Nowhere Man". It certainly fits, in my opinion.

So my question to you all is, what other Beatles songs are fitting for characters from LOTR or inhabitants of Middle-Earth?
A few more suggestions.

Bombadil could certainly also sing Mother Nature's Son
Illuvatar might have a go at Across the Universe
While Frodo was in Mordor he might sing Carry that weight.
The long and winding road
is obviously for Strider
Money seems to be Smaug's song
And of course
With a little help from my friends could be sung together by the nine walkers.

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