Martin as editor/anthologist


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Jan 12, 2021
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My first reading of Martin was him as the editor and contributor to the Wild Cards series. Since then I have noticed enough of his work as editor/anthologist to explain his inability to finish Fire& Ice.
Of special note to me is the aformentioned Wild Cards. But also his encomium to Jack Vance, Songs of the Dying Earth, as fine an anthology/tribute as exists.
Songs of Dying Earth is very good.

I also like his novel Tuff Voyaging.
GRRM's editorial work is something that continued through the years when ASoIaF was coming out much faster and much slower, and he always had time set aside to do both, so no, it's really not the problem, especially since he stopped contributing material to anthologies well over a year ago.
Sorry to hear that.
But the release and completion of the filmed version of the books has taken off much of the pressure that was coming down heavily
on all forums.
Did not notice his not contributing to anthologies as that has always been intermittant.
But, previously that and editing took a lot of time. And seems to have been less noticed as it was Fire and Ice that gave him the boost of new readers.
Hence my starting this thread.

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