Massive Attack on Titan Manga bundle!


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Aug 22, 2007
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This just popped up from Humble Bundle in my inbox and I figured it would be good to share here to the comic and manga fans! There's several light novels and an audio book in the bundle too.
Note that this is NOT the entire series, There's currently 32 volumes of the core series and potentially a few more after that since there's still unpublished final issues. However its the bulk of all the starts and core content up to that point. So if you've got a little way or not yet jumped on board this is a mammoth deal of manga and books all in one place - including an audio novel (which are normally quite expensive in general).

Humble Manga Bundle: Attack on Titan Final Season by Kodansha

Attack on Titan!! The complete bundle gives you:

Attack on Titan Vol 1-26
ATtack on Titan Junior High 1-5
Attack on titan Before the Fall 1-17
Spoof on Titan 1-2

Attack on Titan Lost Girls 1-2
Attack on Titan Harsh Mistress of the City Light Novel 1-2 (book and audiobook)
Attack on Titan Kuklo Unbound Light Novel 1
Attack on Titan Before the Fall Light Novel
Attack on Titan Character Encylopedia
Attack on Titan Anthology
Attack on Titan Guidebook Inside and Outside
Attack on Titan No Regrets 1-2 and Complete Colour Edition
Attack on Titan Anime Guide
Well, I'm a little late to this party. I want to read the manga, but for now I'm just watching the show. It's become very Game of Thronesy, in that there's no real good or bad guy. Everyone's pretty crappy and there's really no one you want to root for. That said, I'll be needing new glasses soon, and if they make frames like Zeke's, well, I'm getting them.
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