Anyone who read 'Deep Secret'


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Dec 26, 2020
Can you tell me why you like this book?

It's my first novel from Diana and of course I chose one of her few books for adults, which is painfully obvious when the main character is a ****ing programmer... She has said people like to read about work, after all.

The book cover seemed whimsical enough so I picked it up, not that I had much to choose from at my bookstore because everything else was work adapted by Studio Ghibli and I don't want to read those just yet.

I'm 134 pages in and there doesn't seem to be any pressing matters that I should care about. The language is too casual to make me care what happens in the empire or whether they find a new Magi or not, there are no stakes. And I know that girl is gonna be the new Magi in the end and she doesn't seem very likable.

Does anyone actually like this book?

Sorry, just venting my frustrations.
I loved Deep Secret passionately. It's a book I re-read every few years. I recently read it with my kids and they also loved it so I'm not completely alone in this.

Most of DWJ books start relatively slowly compared to someone like Brandon Sanderson (for example) but it's always worth it. Maree isn't the most likeable character in the world, especially since Rupert detests her when he meets her, but she improves on acquaintance. It's a good book for appreciating that even narrators who seem 100% reliable can perceive things in slightly inaccurate ways.

You may have given it up already, but just in case you're considering continuing: the section in the hotel room with the actual deep secret (working hard not to be too spoilery here) is one of my favourite sections in any book ever. The way she uses the rhyme and extends it and gives it meaning is just ridiculously pleasing. The climax of the book also packs in all the excitement you could ever want.

The second half of the book is also based at a SFF convention, rather wryly since DWJ attended a lot of them, and that's fun just for itself.

If you're looking for a DWJ book that starts faster, you might enjoy Dogsbody, which is for children but is very enjoyable as an adult too. My personal favourite of hers is Hexwood, but you need to read at least three-quarters of the way through to understand what's happening, which can be a bit frustrating.

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