SF Novel - Main character unable to perceive himself accurately. Lives under the city? Zoo maybe


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Dec 25, 2020
Hi, my mom was a prolific reader and sent me novel to read 3-4 years ago. I remember starting the book but never finished, If I recall correctly, the author was a "B List" author, but has written many books for consumption. The basic plot as I recall was that there was a younger man that lived beneath the city, and had some sort of strange-ness about him - power, or unable to see how others perceive him?

He lived under the city in the darkness and I think maybe the zoo? I also recall there might have been some werewolf -ish elements to it?

The book was less Science and more Fiction - almost recall like a Stephen King theme to this novel.

anyway my mom has since passed, and I'd like to find the book and finish it to better understand why she wanted me to read this so much.