3-Iron, a Korean film, is one of my all-time favourite films.

Other favourite Korean films:
A Taxi Driver
The Handmaiden
The Good the Bad the Weird
Welcome to Dongmakgol

Kung Fu Hustle is another favourite film, a co-production between China and Hong Kong I believe.

Infernal Affairs, another of my favourite films, was made in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is responsible for way more great films than China from what I've seen.

Big Fish & Begonia is a good Chinese animation.
Two of my favorite movies of all time are I Saw the Devil and The Wailing, both Korean. There are a whole lot more; Korean Cinema is one of the best. Watch Oldboy and every Park Chan-Wook movie, if you haven't already.

I don't know many Chinese movies, but I'd recommend Dumplings and The Eye.
The Host and Train to Busan are two great Korean films. The Host is a romp of a Monster movie, with bows and arrows! Train to Busan is my favourite Zombie movie.
Train to Busan is excellent. Have you seen the sort of sequel, Peninsula? The Host was okay, but not overly memorable.

I watched a Korean Movie called "The Villainess". Very violent from the off set, but well done and interesting to watch. The opening scene is a massive fight scene in the first person.

The only Chinese SF movie I tried to watch was The Wandering Earth. I have to say that I struggled with it, somewhat. Good effects, but I think it tried to emulate a Hollywood blockbuster.

Is it worth mentioning Casshern? It's Japanese, but I really enjoyed it, though I have only seen it once.
I have watched The New Zealand-Hong Kong
Film Ghost in the Shell.

OT:The Indian movie RA ONE is good.
Thanks Dave, I'll check out Ra One. IO have always wanted to watch some Bollywood SF

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