Searching for a book about dystopian sci-fi where there are superpowers


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Dec 10, 2020
I dont know when was the release date but i read this book in 2016/2017. this is about to be very specific since i still remember some scenes very vividly.

the book is about a girl, she has a partner and is probably engaged. She has a sister/cousin, her mom is dead and her father is missing.

so the book starts with a scene where a girl went down a plane with her s/o and it was at night. i think shes moving to a new home.

She has teleportation ability where not only is she able to jump from one place to another but also to a different timeline. she used her ability to meet with her dead mother.

shes not the only one with the super ability. apparently the ppl around her have it too but different. i dont think her fiance/s/o has it though. the powers that i can remember is teleportation, transmutation, and telekinesis and they can all heal faster than normal human. they (the ppl who have the ability) got their ability from becoming a subject to an experiment. their ability will only start showing when theyre teenagers. they have to inject something into their blood in order to keep being alive. the scientist thats responsible for their abilities keeps an eye on them ever since the experiment. i think it also involves some kind of big organization. and that 'big organization' is trying to capture all the subjects for world domination purposes. of course the protag wont let it happen.

theres a scene where they (the girl and her friend) was almost caught by the organization.
theres also a prophet?? that said that the protagonist (the girl) will lead a revolution where there will be no big organizations looking after them anymore. the girl then looks for clues as to where to start the revolution and the first clue was 'roses' which leads her to teleport to the time when her mother's wedding is being celebrated. i think there are at least 3 clues. her next move is to gather the professionals who happen to have superpowers too and it seems like theyve been waiting for her arrival as she is the key for the revolution. their basecamp/headquarter was in a mansion deep in the woods.

i think the plot twist in this book was that his father was somehow involved in the experiment, or that he was one of the first experimental subjects.

OH and at the beginning (the rise of problem) she ran out of injections so she had to go all the way to Antarctica?? (i forgot but its far away and snowy) to get her monthly/weekly dose of whatever substance she needs. but the post where she went to get it ran out of stock.

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