(Found) Book was mainly about Gods


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Nov 26, 2020
Hi, new here and hoping the hivemind of the forums can help me.

I know it was part of a series.
  • I read it around 2013 or so.
  • Gods, people trying to end corruption of them, and that every single excretion (urine, feces, blood, tears, sweat, etc) was precious in some way.
  • I know it was done via 1 main male's perspective with different scenes for a few other characters including a god that was definitely not what he presented himself as (was supposed to be super good, was actually super evil).
  • Something that felt dark-fantasy or possible grim-dark. I know humans were very outmatched in every way and the main character was against the largest population worshipping them with few co-conspirators.
  • I know there was a male that was like a specific warrior thing, a female priestess of some sort, and the good but slowly revealed evil god.
  • I know it was in English, I can't read anything else.
  • I can't remember the cover at all.
  • Not sure what audience, but I think it was more toward adult fiction.
  • I'm pretty sure it wasn't done by Sanderson, Rothfuss, or anyone with a lot of series. Pretty sure it was a kinda new series but I could be wrong. I know I read a hard-cover for the first book and never saw a different one but found everything really interesting.
I'm pretty sure the weirdly specific excretion of gods being a big deal would be the best information for it to be found.
Other things I remembered as I was trying to recall things:
The different things from the gods affected magic differently. Like feces was the ultimate nullifier, and I know something else hyper amplified it.

The priests and priestesses for the gods were tasked with one specific thing like blood, tears, etc.

The guy I think was some sort of soldier or some such and had a grudge against the good but actually evil god for some reason, think it was family killed or exploited or some such.

The priestess girl was kinda like the 2nd main character in that we swapped first person narrative between her and the guy but they ended up both realizing god she was working for was quite unlike what he should be but had to figure out a way to make it known or potentially kill him I think. I know they went to a few places searching for different answers in secret somehow including some actually really harsh and awful god's area.

But like I said, the specifics of the godly excretion stuff is something I've never heard of being used otherwise and figure that's the most likely thing that someone would know for sure what it was from.

I think the title had like King or God in it and either was a compound word for something or maybe a very short 2-3 word title.
Found it through a person's help on a Discord server I frequent with others that might've read it/know it.

It's Godslayer Chronicles by James Clemens. The specific novel I was looking for was Shadowfall, the first of the trilogy that isn't yet finished.

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