Short lived species. Hostage situation


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Oct 17, 2020
This book was about 2000, more or less. The cover had a human woman with one of the aliens hanging on to her looked like a meerkat or lemur. The species was short lived, about 20 years, but they did not sleep and had (I think) photographic memories, so they were able to develop a civilization even with that disadvantage. The humans developed a medical treatment which would give the aliens an extended lifespan and offered it to them. But the religious fundamentalists of the planet thought the humans were demons and held them and some aliens hostage. This was the first time I heard the term "Stockholm Syndrome".
The aliens were born neuter and became male or female in a comatose transformation at puberty (the one time they "slept").
Researching PoR by MS, I am afraid that is not it.
But thanks for the suggestion, it sounds like a good story.

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