Your Favourite Sequences in Video Games.

Most of my memorable sequences will be from the 90s.

In Diddy Kong Racing on the N64, it seemed I'd completed the game, with everyone partying on the beach in a joyous cutscene. Then suddenly the music changed, the sky darkened, and Wizpig (the enemy) appeared from behind the lighthouse, with Diddy and friends running off in fear. It was a great scene!

Again on the N64, Lylat Wars (AKA Star Fox 64) was my first cinematic experience in gaming. One cutscene ripped off Independence Day, but I don't care - it was awesome.

On Illusion of Time (AKA Illusion of Gaia), an RPG on the Super Nintendo, I remember being upset when my character was shipwrecked. That was a moving scene.

The first time on Hyrule Field riding Epona in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The music, sunrise and set - everything = wow!

Running around as Mario in 3D for the first time on the N64 felt incredible. I still don't think that game has been beaten in terms of how natural and fun it felt (and still feels) to play, and I've played Mario Odyssey on the Switch.

I used to love Knightlore @Venusian Broon. We had it on Amstrad CPC. My mum even drew out a map of all the rooms and where the charms were, which I still have!

Yes, I had heard that the first time you saw Hyrule Field was spectacular, but when I first saw it it still impressed me. This was only improved when you (eventually) get to ride Epona.

And yes the first time I saw Mario 64 in a HMV, I had to go out and buy the console. I was absolutely blown away by the graphics and the gameplay. I also loved the trident controller which I don't think has ever come even close to being bettered on any other machine since (although the PS dual shock pad was impressive).
Super Mario 64 was just amazing , surprising and engrossing. So many individual scenes stand out that it is still miles beyond anything I have played before or since. It changed games for me.

apart from that, Manic Miner on the Spectrum was revolutionary. Played it for months.
I have a new favourite sequence! The New Donk City level of Mario Odyssey is the most solo fun I've had on a Mario game since Mario 64. I never expected a Mario game to feel remotely like GTA, but ripping around on a scooter and whacking people with Mario's helmet (pipe down at the back there - he was wearing a tuxedo and a builder's helmet) was great fun, as was being chased by a T-Rex on said scooter.

My favourite sequence though was the New Donk City festival sequence - it was the sort of thing only Nintendo can do - joyful, fun and fresh but nostalgiac for Mario and Donkey Kong games past. A wonderful experience.

Also, in Golf Story, Coach setting his kitchen on fire when he was trying to impress a fellow coach was pretty funny.
Jedi: Fallen Order had a few great bits. I especially liked the ball puzzle in one of the Zeffo Tombs. There was another great section where you had to use the planet's magnetic field to move large wall sections in order to progress through that stage. It wasn't particularly difficult, but it was very well done.

I really enjoyed exploring Dathomir, too. J:FO is one of the few games that i'm sorry i finished. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The final level of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (the first one, not the sequel, which only happened in my nightmares) is a masterpiece. Some might claim the gameplay was getting a little repetitive at that point, but the overall story climax has the perfect mix of action, fear, and tragic pathos.
You have to attack the under-construction Death Star and fight your way through layers of Imperial troops on your to facing Vader and the Emperor to save the nascent Rebellion. The opening cut scene was visually awe-inspiring and had a very cinematic final kiss between the doomed protagonist and his girlfriend. Enough to make you cry. Being deep in the interior of the Death Star was creepy, but in the best way possible.
I felt like I was there.
First thing that comes to mind, is the final level in Halo, when you're driving the warthog over the exploding halo ring. Trying to avoid the alien flood and the falling buildings, coupled with the amazing soundtrack. First time I played it was coop, me and my friend were on the edge of our seats, amazing fun.

Other notable moments include dying for the first time in Bloodborne, finally piecing together the story in Dark Souls 3 (or defeating darkeater midir) and as Sule mentioned, the sheer scale and wonder of Zelda: BOTW.
The ending of Portal 2, when you finally realize what it is you're supposed to do, except that can't really be it, can't really be possible, but in a fit of madness you try it, and it is!, and it's incredible.
One of my favorite moments in a game was the first time I got the paraglider in Breath of the Wild. First, it was an incredible feeling to jump from a peak and glide slowly down to the ground, soaking in the beauty of the world I was falling towards. Second, it was a huge QoL change for me, as I have a habit of accidentally falling to my death from high places in video games.
There are so many incredible sequences in BotW, I couldn't mention just one. I'm amazed how often I get a sense of wonder, and I don't think I've uncovered half the map yet (I started playing a couple of months ago). The Guardians scare me to death (but I figured out a way to kill them easier, I just get through a lot of shields in the process). I love wandering along the coastlines - something I did often on real-life trips pre-COVID - it often reminds me of being in Scotland.
A cheeky little bump as i want to add the Hordes from Days Gone. My favourite was probably the Iron Butte one as there is no opportunity for Stealth or defeat from one location. You just have to let them chase you and use the terrain to your advantage. Great fun.

Getting chased down by up to 500 screaming "Freakers" is absolutely terrifying and kudos to Bend Studios for making it happen without noticeable lag. Now on my third play through, i'm finding myself actually enjoying the chase rather than being scared outright.
The ending of Portal 2, when you finally realize what it is you're supposed to do, except that can't really be it, can't really be possible, but in a fit of madness you try it, and it is!, and it's incredible.
That sequence is incredibly fun. I think GLaDOS is far and away the best video game villain ever.

I stick to Guild Wars 2 these days...I want to devote as much of my spare time to reading and writing, now that I actually have spare time. Though GW2 still amazes me with its beauty and awesome music.

And here's my dirty little secret...I've never actually finished Half-Life 2 because the noises made by the zombies totally freak me out. I've been roared at by dragons, deranged gods, Diablo and his entire dysfunctional infernal family...but somehow it's the HL2 zombies that give me nightmares.
I agree with @Venusian Broon regarding Medieval Total War (having the Pope call for a crusade against me and also having the Mongol horde unexpectedly fall upon my empire) and Rome Total War (being declared an outlaw by the Senate).

@Tanith I was terrified the first time I stumbled into the Butcher in Diablo.... "Fresh Meat."

No one has yet mentioned the revelation of the plot twist in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

I adored the councillors in Civilization II.

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, I saved the world in thirty minutes... which was the tutorial. After a dozen hours, came the showdown with the Big Boss... and I realized it was just an extended tutorial because the real game took another fifty hours.
Blood Omen 2 is the goofy black sheep of the Legacy of Kain franchise, but it's full of fun moments. The Eternal Prison is my favorite section, but I love a lot of the other moments. Here's one that's easy to appreciate.

I love this sequence from Uncharted 4.

There's also a puzzle in Uncharted that reminded me of a puzzle that stumped me in Soul Reaver. I got deja-vu in a few other sections and I think it's the director's fault. :p
Original Prince of Persia; a 2d platformer with some swordfighting. At one point in the game, you encounter your own shadow, who is seemingly impossible to defeat; until you realise that sheathing your sword makes him sheath his. A beautifully crafted game with superb animated sprites, even after all these years.
I can totally relate to the joy of revisiting classic games. I've been diving back into Counter Strike lately, and the CS2 skins marketplace has brought a whole new level of excitement to the game. It's amazing how weapon customization can add a personal touch to the gameplay.
It's fantastic to hear about your love for Blood Omen 2 and the Eternal Prison section. Those standout moments are what make gaming truly special. If you ever want to share more about your favorite sequences and gaming experiences or even swap game recommendations, feel free to drop a message.
Mass Effect, guys, Mass Effect. Super epic trilogy (there is also ME: Andromeda, but it's so-so) with robots, huge robots, aliens, politics, spaceships, different planets and massive battles. Very cinematic video games with hours of cutscenes, tens of characters and complicated scenario. Highly recommended (y)

A couple of scenes from the first Mass Effect to get the idea:

Bioshock Infinite is a weird game, and I don't think that it's various elements mesh together that well, but it is very good at building a certain atmosphere: a sort of threatening melancholy, like being in a haunted house. There's a bit where the mayhem stops for the heroine to play the guitar that I remember as being very good.

Half-Life 2 is full of good moments. I think it's especially strong at the start, where you're walking around seeing daily life in occupied Earth. People are rounded up by the police while striders lumber past, like a mixture of 1984 and War of the Worlds. Likewise, Alien Isolation has loads of exciting moments. The bit where you kill dummy-like robots as you creep through the space station is pretty unnerving.

And most of the levels in Thief 2.
"Kaldwin's Bridge" from Dishonored is a phenomenal level by itself, but what really takes the cake is that you can Blink all the way up to the top of the bridge and then just sit there and take in the sight of Dunwall against the sunset.

Dishonored is probably my all-time favorite game and moments like this are why.

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