Nu-Who Series Ranking Worst to Best


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Jun 14, 2020
Series 11
If you ask me Season 11 is the worst thing that we've gotten out of the revived series. Out of this entire series there's one episode that I don't think is all that bad which is Kablam!. Apart from that episode there's really nothing especially good about this series, it also lacks an over arching story, there are returning characters but there's not really one story that spans through out most of the series which I think is something important because in my opinion you need something like this to make a good finale.

Series 7
I actually rather enjoyed Series 7 when it first aired but after a re-watch I can say for certain that it's my least favorite series with the 11th Doctor, splitting the series up was a really bad move on Moffat's part, it made the series really hard to get into and in all honesty it took away what could have been a great relationship between Clara and The Doctor in the latter half of the series. There are however some fairly decent episodes in this Series, take The Rings of Akhaten for example, if you ask me that's a great episode and features one of the great Doctor speeches.

Series 12
Series 12 was much more enjoyable than I was expecting, I didn't really have faith in this series because of how terrible Series 11 was but I have to say there are some stand out episodes in this Series like Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror and the Spyfall two parter. However I feel like Chris Chibnall made a huge mistake with The Timeless Child arc, it completely split the fanbase which is something that you really don't want. I personally really don't like The Timeless Child arc, I think it ruins the continuity and takes something away from the charcter of The Doctor by essentially making them some sort of time lord deity.

Series 6
I'm honestly not that big of a fan of the Impossible Astronaut story arc, honestly it feels like Moffat was making everything way too convoluted and it really didn't make for an interesting watch in my opinion. However I did really enjoy the episodes that weren't directly attached to The Impossible Astronaut arc, episodes like The Doctor's Wife and The Rebel Flesh were real standouts in my opinion, I'd even go as far to say that The Doctor's Wife is the best episode in Series 6.

Series 9
My main issue with Series 9 is Clara, honestly I think she overstayed her welcome, if her arc had ended at the end of Series 8 she would have been one of the best companions of the Moffat era but unfortunately Moffat decided to keep her for some reason. It would have made so much more sense for 12 to get a new companion for the start of Series 9 instead of getting a new companion for Series 10, this would have allowed for way better character development for this hypothetical new companion instead of said companion just getting 1 series worth of character development. I did however really enjoy the first 2 episodes, it's one of the best modern stories for Davros and I really feel like we should be seeing more of him. Under the lake and Before the flood is also a really good two parter, I feel like a lot of people sh*t on this series but apart from the continuation of the Clara arc it's really not that bad.

Series 3
Series 3 is without a doubt my least favorite out of the 10th Doctor's era, I really do enjoy Martha as a companion, in fact I think she's one of the most underrated Doctor Who companions of the revived era but I really don't think this Series holds up with the rest of the 10th Doctor's era. The finale is really great, I feel like it's the second best finale in 10th Doctor's era, it's iconic and it makes for a really great watch. However I feel like most of the episodes in this series are rather forgettable and when people talk about 10's era they don't really mention Series 3 that much.

Series 2
I do enjoy Series 2, I think it has some really great episodes like the Cyberman two parter and The Girl in the fireplace, not to mention the fantastic finale which I personally consider to be the best finale in the 10th Doctor era. I also really enjoy the chemistry between Rose and the Doctor, I'm glad that Rose didn't overstay her welcome like Clara, if you ask me she spent just the right amount of time on the show. However there are a handful of pretty bad episodes like Fear her and Love and monsters, these episodes really aren't the best but I don't let them taint my enjoyment of this series.

Series 8
Series 8 is the debut series for Peter Capaldi and honestly I think he's great in this series, he's actually my favorite out of the Nu-Who Doctors. There are the odd bad episodes in this series like Kill the Moon but there are also some really great episodes in this Series like Into the Dalek, Flatline and the finale. After I saw this series for the first time I was excited to see what the 12th Doctor would deliver next and for the most part I wasn't disappointed, overall this is a great debut series for the 12th Doctor.

Series 5
Series 5 is without a doubt the 11th Doctor's best series, it's absolutely filled with some amazing episodes and a phenomenal finale. Of course some episodes are better than other but in all honesty there's only one episode in this series which I would out right call terrible and that episode is Victory of the Daleks, I really don't like what they did with The Daleks in this episode and I honestly hate the New Dalek Paradigm design. Apart from that the episodes in this series are rather solid, some are better than others but for the most part they're pretty good. I really feel like 11 solidified himself as The Doctor in this series and that's honestly a really great thing.

Series 4
Series 4 is without a doubt the best 10th Doctor series, this series is filled with amazing episodes and an amazing finale. I really enjoy the chemistry between The Doctor and Donna, she brings a real comedic side to the series which I felt like was a breath of fresh air coming off of the more serious tone of Series 3. However this series can be serious when it wants to be and believe me it does get rather serious especially when coming up to the end of the series.

Series 1
I get the feeling that a lot of people are going to disagree with me here but i'm going to go out and say that series 1 is the best series out of the RTD era and it's completely overlook by quite a lot of Doctor Who fans . The 9th Doctor is without a doubt my favorite Doctor from the RTD era and it's a shame that he didn't get another series because I feel like he really deserved it. However his character arc was closed up very nicely and his regeneration scene still makes me tear up to this day.

Series 10
Series 10 is without a doubt my favorite Nu-Who series, there's only one episode in this entire series that I don't like that much and that episode is Smile, apart from that I consider every single episode of this series to be flawless and I also consider the finale of this Series, World Enough and Time and The Doctor falls to be the best finale that Nu-Who has ever seen and I honestly don't expect that anyone is going to make a better finale for Doctor Who anytime soon.

Feel free to share your personal ranking in the comments, I look forward to seeing all of your opinions.
Tbh I'm still catching up, I'm currently halfway through Season 9. But I would rank seasons 1-8 this way (although I might change my mind later).

A few caveats: I watched all these on Netflix or DVD, so season breaks and airing times didn’t affect my enjoyment like they might have for these who watched them as they aired. I’ve also rewatched more of the Davies era than the Moffat era, so that might be affecting things; I might find this list later on and find I’ve changed my mind. And yes, I know that it’s not really fair to pit the “specials years” against the rest of them, but it won’t really hurt anything, will it?

(“Favs” means episodes that I would label as “favorites”. I have a lot of those, ha ha. I’m counting Christmas specials as part of whatever season Wikipedia sorts them into. And "Dalek Eps" is a combination of how many Dalek episodes are in a season and how much I enjoy them. I have a special love for Dalek episodes, if you couldn't tell from my pfp lol.)

Season 1:
  • 10 Favs
  • Dalek Eps: 8
  • Finale: 8
  • Doctor: 4
  • Companions: 8
  • Arc Villain: 5
  • Score: 43
Season 2:
  • 9 Favs
  • Dalek Eps: 6
  • Finale: 10
  • Doctor: 3
  • Companions: 10
  • Arc Villain: 8
  • Score: 46
Season 3:
  • 8 Favs
  • Dalek Eps: 3
  • Finale: 3
  • Doctor: 3
  • Companions: 3
  • Arc Villain: 6
  • Score: 26
Season 4:
  • 9 Favs
  • Dalek Eps: 7
  • Finale: 7
  • Doctor: 3
  • Companions: 5
  • Arc Villain: 4
  • Score: 35
2008-2010 Specials:
  • 4 Favs
  • Finale: 5
  • Doctor: 3
  • Companions: 2
  • Arc Villain: 10
  • Score: 24
Season 5:
  • 10 Favs
  • Doctor: 1
  • Dalek Eps: 2
  • Finale: 9
  • Companions: 9
  • Arc Villain: 7
  • Score: 38
Season 6:
  • 12 Favs
  • Doctor: 1
  • Finale: 1
  • Companions: 7
  • Arc Villain: 3
  • Score: 24
Season 7:
  • 11 Favs
  • Doctor: 1
  • Dalek Eps: 5
  • Finale: 2
  • Companions: 4
  • Arc Villain: 2
  • Score: 25
2013 Specials:
  • 2 Favs
  • Doctor: 1
  • Dalek Eps: 4
  • Companions: 1
  • Finale: 4
  • Arc Villain: 1
  • Score: 13
Season 8:
  • 10 Favs
  • Dalek Eps: 1
  • Doctor: 2
  • Finale: 6
  • Companions: 6
  • Arc Villain: 9
  • Score: 34


2013 Specials: 13

2008-2010 Specials: 24

Season 6: 24

Season 7: 25

Season 3: 26

Season 8: 34

Season 4: 35

Season 5: 38

Season 1: 43

Season 2: 46

So there we have it. There are some really interesting tidbits here, like how Season 6, despite having the most episodes that I individually liked, had the lowest score aside from the specials years. But the numbers don’t lie!

Is this a perfect scoring system? No. But I feel that the results accurately represent my feelings, and that’s what really counts.
My ratings per season are below, based on the simply aggregate of my rating for each episode out of ten.
All seasons include Christmas specials and extra seasonal ones (10th to 11th transition year).
Best & worst episodes are in brackets behind)
  1. 9th Doctor - 6.92 (Father's Day / The Unquiet Dead)
  2. 10th Doctor - 6.43 (The Impossible Planet Part 1 / Fear Her)
  3. 10th Doctor - 6.64 (Blink / Last of the Timelords Part 3)
  4. 10th Doctor - 6.84 (Silence in the Library / The End of Time Part 1)
  5. 11th Doctor - 7.31 (The Eleventh Hour / Victory of the Daleks)
  6. 11th Doctor - 7.00 (A Good Man Goes to War / The Curse of the Black Spot)
  7. 11th Doctor - 6.88 (The Day of the Doctor / Nightmare in Silver)
  8. 12th Doctor - 7.46 (Listen / In the Forest of the Night)
  9. 12th Doctor - 7.15 (Heaven Sent / The Woman Who Lived)
  10. 12th Doctor - 6.36 (World Enough and Time / The Easters of Light)
  11. 13th Doctor - 5.45 (The Woman Who Fell to Earth / The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos)
  12. 13th Doctor - 4.20 (The Haunting of Villa Diodati / The Timeless Children (Part 2)
I suspect season 13 might end up as my worst rated. So far, I'd give them 3, 4, 3 & 4.
hey everyone how are you all :)

I haven't watched every New Who Ep (still working through it bit by bit in addition to working through Classic Who) especially from Series 1, Series 9 and Series 12 and the final few eps of Jodie's era arent out yet so things will probs change a bit in the future.

I'm just gonna go from best to worst and include my fav and least fav eps from each Series cause not sure how to do the decimal rating and I think it wouldn't be true to my feelings of each Series :)

For specials I will just include them into which Series they belong as it would be very tough to place a Special Series with all the ups and downs so just wanna keep things short and sweet here :) (Side Note) I think A Christmas Carol is part of Series 5 but when I goggled searched it few months back it said part of Series 6 so I dont know but just gonna include it to Series 5 :)

It can be confusing as you re watch an ep you haven't seen in years like it and then the Series you thought you didn't care about gains some more browney points same effect with watching eps for the first time and you like them, have that sort of issue with a few series now , scattered with old and new found loves :) and eps I dont care about or never seen cause dont think I am gonna like haha :)

This is gonna be a lot sorry about that but at least the main parts are there and see how things change in the future :)
P.S. I tried to post this and it said I had gone over the limit of 3000 words whoops ha I wrote a bit of 6000 so this may be in a few parts
1 Series 10 Excellent - I was late to watching this Series when it was airing so saw Smile as my first ep of the Season really liked it and carried on for a bit then lost interest, months or year later whatever it was I went back to this Series where I left off and bit by bit started to realize how amazing and fresh the eps were and I feel in love with The 12th Doctor amazing Doctor and each ep I saw got better and better I watched the Whole Series very quickly from Oxygen onwards the later half of the series is spectacular and yes there are weaker eps but they are still highly strong eps with that magic spark about them great dialogue superb Doctor lovely Tardis crew , funny. great enemies and concepts such fun :) strong strong consistency of eps sad to see This Series and Doctor go Peter Capaldi is an amazing actor and an amazing Doctor probs my Fav New Who Doctor and thats through this Series where he clicked with me before I thought he was too aggressive and sharp for a Doctor in Series 8 but here he was perfect sharp and kind and looking back yes he is sharper in Series 8 but I appreciate him now and love every minute of this Doctor he pushes up bad scenes and eps amazing :) Series 10 probs most perfect Series of New Who havnt seen enough Classic yet but its up there with Season 19 my fav and most perfect of Classic Doctor Who which again had that perfect consistency of eps and true enjoyment :) Extremis is incredible and fun ep love the concept which I knew about The Monks are some of the best villains and most capable ever like with Swarm and Azure really gripping and fun ep , if not for nostalgia and my fondness for Gridlock for many reasons Extremis would by far be my fav New Who ep and maybe Doctor Who ep in general :) (Fav Classic so far is Kinda :) ) I really love this series the writing the visuals the dynamic soo great :) boosted far past any other Doctor Who even the pinnacle of Season 4 and my nostalgia Goggles for it ha :)

Highlight - Extremis

Lowlight - The Polite

2 Series 13 - I loved Flux great characters some of the best Villains I think we have had , great spectacles and Sci Fi concepts, as Flux is 1 giant part from 6 small parts like an Orange there are ofcourse weaker and higher eps and ofcourse there are ups and downs in nearly all eps but everything felt soo fun and gripping best of Chibnall's Series and a real turn around back to amazing Doctor Who :) Found The Dalek Special really sweet :) and though The Legends of The Sea Devils felt like that spark was missing a bit its a good ep and overall Series 13 has been very interesting and fresh :)

Highlight - Flux ofcourse amazing series very fun full of great concepts and spectacle :) if I had to break it down it would either be The Halloween Apocalypse or Once Upon Time

Lowlight - Legend Of The Sea Devils - It was nice loved Dan the themes of Pirates ect and The Sea Devils back but just missing that spark the rest had especially for a special it needs that and I know it was meant to be a normal ep but I wonder if they could have turned it around and added more wow factor for a special , liked the pirates theme ect but it could have all done with more detail like with Curse Of The Black Spot it was very pirate but with depth as deep as the sea this special felt quick and could have been done better though I still like it just missing potential especially for a special and in this amazing Series it fell down.

3 Series 7 - This Series is great I keep coming back to a few eps in this Series time and time again when I want to be cheered up or see a fun ep
Rings Of Akhaten holds a special place in my heart and I love Nightmare in Silver , I have a strange likeness for The Bells of Saint John has it seems such an ordinary ep but the more I watched it the more I started to like it, it has nice little moments/dialogue fast paced at times with great tension, the concepts are nice though they could have been developed more, I just find this ep a fun watch even though its strange I like it cause it would seem dull to me but it has that adventure and humor about it really catapults my enjoyment of the ep and The Doctor is great in this and Clara isnt annoying or the most important person ever she is just a nice person and its just a fun ep for all involved :)

I love Nightmare in Silver the style and fun energy of it all with the creepy atmosphere and tension :) I love the glow of the lights on the Shiny CyberMen little bit of purple glow is awesome (purple is my fav color) and Warwick Davis is fun in this love the actor :) , great dialogue and style very enjoyable ep for me and the only downside was how indestructible the CyberMen were that bugged me but then I saw their Special with Capaldi and that fixed it they are not indestructible upgrading machines they have weakness and can be beat its just very tough :)

Rings of Akhaten I love I think its very underrated the speech is great the visuals like it just feels warm and universal , love all the aliens and the song is beautiful :) very nice concepts and twists its just a heartwarming ep for me and Clara is amazing in this she is just a nice caring person full of wonder of the universe, I always go back when I think where Clara feel down she got snappy and bossy always drugging with The Doctor thinking she could be him and I look back to here and its just nice to see a normal person we would all be like Clara in this ep I hope loving the wonders of The Universe not saying I want more or better and being helpful to others :) the dialogue is fun, The Doctor is having a great time :) The little girl is great and her fear of singing is sci fi like cause she can be killed if she messes up but its also real world like many of us have stage fright (I do) so its nice ep that can make you feel more confident and not to worry about things and I like the leaf idea and why it beat the Sun God nice concepts visuals message dialogue and song very heartwarming ep for me :)

These eps really boosted Series 7 for me and then going over it again recently mainly eps I didn't like in the past or care about I found appreciating and loving in their own ways (more than others ofcourse) I love A Town Called Mercy, Asylum is sweet , Power of Three is nice , Cold War is great , The Crimson Horror is awesome fun and amazingly realized to look like the time period and interesting elements like the montage thats sort of like an old horror film sequence :) and now this Series has flown up the list :) great season for me full of fun and eps with importance in my heart :)

Highlight - Very tough choice and depends on my mood so between The Crimson Horror , Nightmare In Silver and The Rings of Akhaten :)

Lowlight - Hide , Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis , I really dislike these two eps both freaked me out on first watches and Journey annoyed me too on and I dread to go back to them infact they are some of my least fav eps of Doctor Who ever in addition to The Flesh two parter which also freaked me out and sort of ruined itself at the end.

My Lowlight is Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis which really freaks me out bothers me and may be kinda dull for the ideas so I really dont like this ep.
Its testament to how amazing the majority of this series is that though it has 2 of my least favorite episodes ever in Doctor Who (Classic and New) its flown high to this spot

Series 5 I often return to this Series and Series 7 for eps to watch soo many great concepts and enjoyable eps :) my fondness for this series has grown and though I am surprised I think I return to this Series more often than 4 now , Series 4 has powerful moments and eps and real sense of the pinnacle of Doctor Who at least Modern Who from what I have seen, everyone is mastering their roles the ideas and twists are great many awesome eps but Series 5 has really interesting concepts and this sort of heartwarming feel to a lot of it I think thats the difference both are awesome and interchangeable I just return to 5 more for the concepts and that heartwarming feel.

I love nearly all the eps, need to re watch Eleventh Hour and The Pandorica story but all else is excellent and enjoyable, well The Siluren one isnt amazing but I have grown to re appreciate it now after really disliking it , re watched Vincent and The Doctor amazing I nearly cried great to have that fresh perspective and as I like painting and drawing too I felt that pain from others telling you your rubbish at it like my Art teacher in front on my parents I could understand the story of Vincent Van Goth more and the actor who played him suburb lovely heartwarming and saddening ep watched it with one of my best friends and we talked about it for a long time especially about Vincent Van Goth and what it means to be remembered, art ect :) and both loved it 11/10 , love the concepts and style of Amy's Choice and The Lodger, Vampires of Venice I really adore , I really like The Beast Below after a re watch, like The Dalek ep and The Angel two parter is nice not as good as Blink but good in a different way though some parts like them moving is quite annoying , like the tension of the ep , the clever countdown from Amy , River . the fact The Doctor from the future comes back to Amy I didn't notice that and forgot if I knew it till saw reviews of the ep recently think thats really cool and the way the cracks wiped out The Giant CyberKing from peoples memories ect is very nice :)

I love The Lodger the concepts sound design as I said and The Doctor trying to pretend to be normal its just soo funny and the ep has a creepy atmosphere but heart and humor to it and joy at the end :)

I kinda like The Pandorica two parter but very much need to re watch it before I turn on it ha think its pretty cool but messy at the same time so need to re fresh with that one

I watched a Christmas Carol last Christmas , used to think the ep was boring and sad , wow I was wrong it was amazing one of the most heartwarming Doctor Who eps loved all the concepts , humor, The Doctor's power, the acting, the song, the time wimey ness, the small details, twists and turns, it was all magical and a really joy yes had sad elements but it ended with happiness and really Christmas feel best Christmas special and wonderful ep love it a lot :)

So Series 5 has a great consistency and many eps I turn back to time and time again when I want to be wowed and happy :)

Highlight - A Christmas Carol

Lowlight - Cold Blood

4 Series 4 - Grew up with The Tennant era and this was the pinnacle of it :) remember everyone tuning into the season finale and I dont think Doctor Who got back that much love ect since , Donna and The Doctor are wonderful together tragic what happend to her, many many great eps in this Series :) Its just fun and spectacle and real talent at its best :)

I remember watching week by week and being amazed by many of these eps like The Library two parter scared me and stuck with me for a long time as did Midnight such good times with this series and powerful eps , reunions and relations like with The Bee's :)

Some eps are worse than others like The Doctor's Daughter but its just cause there were soo many ace eps and now on re watches I am finding these lower eps of the season actually quite enjoyable as your not in the bubble of week by week this is getting better and better if that makes sense you sort of forget the weaker eps and tell yourself they are bad cause your looking at the pinnacle eps week after week but now looking at the big picture this is a really good series and I dont think any ep is bad apart from The End Of Time part 2 which has always punched me in the face with fate and Wilf being responsible for The Doctor's Death my Doctor and fav at the time and it all tied up in fate like Romeo and Juliet really bugs me the fate aspect and all the drama of him getting angry ect sort of all ruined my view of that ep I hurts my love of that Doctor when I see those scenes ect so they really kick my enjoyment of what should have been the Cheery on top of ace Cake ha :) for this Series and this Doctor :)

Highlight - Very tough choice always liked The Next Doctor and Planet Of The Dead :) I dont know anybody that appreciates them but hey oh there are gyms like The Library Two parter, Midnight and The Fires of Pompeii but I will go with The Next Doctor I always find it fun and heartwarming and I love The CyberKing :)

Lowlight - The End Of Time part 2

4 Series 3 - I think Gridlock was one of the first eps of Doctor Who I saw and though I remember seeing Series 2 CyberMen two parter and a bit of The Empty Child ect Series 3 is where I consistently started seeing and enjoying Doctor Who week by week so could say Nostalgia goggles but Series 3 is pretty good yes some poor eps but on re watch some of them like Utopia and The Doctor Daughter I have grown appreciation for :)

Smith and Jones is pretty good, really like The Shakespeare Code very well realized accurate and enjoyable :) Gridlock is my fav every Doctor Who ep for many reasons, the feeling of freedom after soo long , great concepts and soundtrack sometimes I cry when watching this ep cause it makes me think of growing up, growing old time we have, life live to the full ect very enjoyable and saddening ep my love for it has grown in leaps and bounds on many re watches :)

The rest of Series 3 has ups and downs like The Dalek 2 Parter I dont really like nor The Family of Blood 2 parter I need to re watch that one to see if its critical acclaim is accurate , Blink terrified me for many years we even had a stone statue in our Garden so that freaked me out for years and years, very good ep I sometimes watch for a bit of fear factor and great timey wimey story :) 42 I thought was boring but on re watch kinda like it a bit not bad, Utopia I used to dislike and avoid, re watched it recently and loved it :) working through the three parter of The Master's return and Voyage of The Dammed is pretty nice , some elements I dont like such as The Waitress dying sort of add too much sadness to it I think but yeah I understand why and nobody listen to The Doctor in this one and it makes things worse and he really has to fight to gain people's trust and win, love that the actor for Duke from Tracy Beaker is in this that always cheers me up and the actor from Keeping Up Appearances quite enjoyable and fun ep love Alonzo , the visuals , plot in a way, humor the little red cyborg guy and Christmas feel at the end , ups and downs and can make me feel sad but pretty good :)
Series 3 has ups and downs but few quite good eps and Gridlock help :) Martha is good in it too :)

Highlight - Gridlock :)
Lowlight - Evolution of The Daleks

4 Series 6 - This is a weird series for me for a long time the only ep I took out of it was A Good Man Goes To War and Closing Time as I love The CyberMen (I like Nightmare In Silver more but CyberMen its always nice :) ) Closing Time isnt the best but its just a nice little CyberMen story I like how they are digging their way up the Earth into this Shopping Center, I like the Tension and humor ect about this ep, the triumphant is nice like I like The Doctors Inspirational Speech to Craig its a pretty alright ep good to have the CyberMen in it :) I think I liked Craig more in The Lodger but a big part of that maybe his ever growing frustration with The Doctor ruining his life before he knows the truth and the sound design concepts and interesting elements to the ep makes it stand out and be a better ep than Closing Time but when you dont compare the two Craig eps against each other Closing Time remains an alright ep , my love for A Good Man Goes To War took a few re watches and I have loved it for a long time since very fun great tension enemies twists ect love love it :) The Doctor's private army in a way and the Power and smarts he has against others is brilliant only to fall down at the end bit annoying that is is like a fate think he will fall and that he fell soo easily but overall its a good twist and the ep is brilliant fast paced interesting especially for the character of The Doctor and the trust of his companions to him its fun :)

Wedding Of River Song I find up and down nice concepts not sure of the execution for a lot but some nice visuals twists and tension too :)

Then the rest of the season I skipped over didn't like many of it bad memories and dull eps soo glad I have gone back through many eps I skipped it helped Series 7 but really helps Season 6 that had nearly nothing in it then found extreme new love and appreciation for Night Terrors , the Day Of The Moon two parter is sweet and whoa The Girl Who Waited is soo nice :) The Opening before the credits soo cool completely forgot most of this ep and thought it was boring like A Town Called Mercy but I was wrong and it was a nice treat really good ep and the camera work concepts the set story ect all awesome :)

Highlight - The Girl Who Waited just such a sweet interesting and perfect ep thought I find A Good Man Goes To War my comfort enjoyment ep of the series two very awesome eps :)

Lowlight - The Almost People it really falls down at the end and I didn't like this two parter even without that, both freak me out and missing good potential.

5 Series 8 - I really enjoyed Series 8 it was just fun with some nice concepts and spectaculars love Robot of Sherwood :) Listen, Mummy and Flat line are pretty sweet :)
The Doctor is awesome has usual and going from Series 8 - 10 back to 8 with new love of The Doctor everything was just more fun and awesome :)
Highlight - Robot of Sherwood
Lowlight - Death in Heaven - Struggling to get through that two parter still working on it ha :)

Series 2 - This was really tough I might have placed it above Series 6 as silly as that sounds and Series 8 too , used to dislike this Series a lot but again going over it (for a while now) really starting to enjoy or at least like many of the eps and I remember thinking Series 8 was just fun for me but I am liking these Series 2 eps and Series 6 used to be nothing but thats changed so I think I will put it here as I dont think its better than Series 3 for me and for sure series 4 is better its strange I am really starting to like Series 2 but it feels silly to place it high, anyway I was always fascinated by New Earth when I caught little bits of it a while back and now I like it, love Sarah Jane but need to re watch School Reunion havnt seen that in soo many years re watched Girl in The Fireplace and found it incredible far above what I remember the visuals story , sadness at the end , mystery great designs of the Robots who I think returned in Series 8 but maybe at an earlier time in their development there is soo much to like about this ep very intriguing and glad to have re watched it and now love it :) , watched Tooth and Claw recently for the first time and really liked it the visuals, the atmosphere story of the Wolf and mystery ect :) all really nice, The CyberMen 2 parter is pretty good, nice concepts and realistic ways it may happen but bit chilling and sad some I dont watch it that much, used to dis like this story but now The Idiots Lantern is one of my favs of the Series always cheers me up :) the set ect is realized beautifully, attention to detail, lots of good themes, interesting alien to think about like this isnt its true form and its people kicked it off their planet, love the jolly nature of the ep along with its creepy elements like the faceless people always freak me out, love the determination of The Doctor and his power in this :) especially with his sharp hair you dont wanna mess with him and they way he gets the Police detectives to work for him brilliant, love the ending all the Tea Party stuff and hoping for a better future and the sound effects at the end or like alien, mysterious and of the time period sort of happy music nice touch at the end :)

The Runaway Bride is very nice, lots of humor, mystery and strength/determination of The Doctor very heartwarming and Christmas like at the end very enjoyable :)

I recently watched Love and Monsters and its kinda fun, the end part ruins it so I try and forgot that bit when he is talking to the camera , love Elton the music the references to past eps all good :) The Monster is a bit weird buts its just kinda fun and interesting ep that I think is looked down on for face value when actually the messages of community finding friendship with people ect is great and all is fun with tinge of sadness and tragedy at the same time :) and you understand Jackey more her perspective which is good :)

I recently watched Fear Her too :) not soo bad as I thought has some nice elements like being with friends but what it can do to you if your cut off from them especially when young I know that quite well, Rose solves things and is determined which is good has some nice elements and I really enjoyed it on re watch just not sure why isnt that funny gonna have to find my notes about it and add to this in future already wrote soo much sorry everyone , the other eps I haven't watched in ages I find the space one scary and The CyberMen vs Daleks one I dont like , The CyberMen were winning for once till they get crushed by The Daleks showing up and that stings for a CyberMen lover they get absolutely shredded, the sadness about Rose leaving is annoying, the way she goes is annoying and very fate like which as I said before I dont like and all these elements ruin this two parter for me

Highlight - Between Girl in The Fireplace and The Idiots Lantern, I am going with The Idiots Lantern as it has a lot of fun and energy to it great moments and happiness at the end :)

Lowlight - Doomsday

9 Series 1 I was too young to see the airing of this Series but once on re runs saw The Empty Child which freaked me out and I had no idea what happend next for years and years cause missed the second part , now I can watch Doctor Who On IPlayer I have gone back to this Series and its pretty nice kinda slow feel to many of the eps , a lot of the eps I still have to watch but yeah The Doctor is sweet but not close to my fav Doctors maybe need to see more of him, Rose is nice person here not the annoying I want everything about me she would become similar to Clara.

I tried to watch Rose and gave up from boredom like 10 mins in, I always like The End of The World its goofy fun :) I love the Slitheen probs my fav Doctor Who alien :) one of the first Doctor Who Universe things I saw was Revenge Of The Slitheen after school when I was 5 :) always been one of my fav Sarah Jane Adventures eps and my fondness for The Slitheen rooted there but they have soo much potential in Doctor Who want them back soo much :)

I loved The Unquiet Dead :) watched it recently for the first time and was star struck how lovely it was :) very Christmas, fun, enjoyable, great characters , the actor for Charles was superb great concepts, heart warming :) love everything about this ep one of the best historical's , it feels like a Christmas Special and is a real highlight of the Series I think is soo unappreciated.

I'm trying to get through the Series 1 Slitheen two parter though its a bit slow and I like the Sarah Jane ep with them more :) , watched The Long game while out with family and friends its pretty nice :) The Empty Child two parter is nice bit slow and need to re watch it and seen Boom Town kinda like it bit slow at times and if the Slitheen was trying to trick The Doctor all along that kinda hurts the ep like with Davros and The Twelfth Doctor :) overall a nice ish Series gonna plan to watch the rest at some point :) mostly boosted up through my love of the Slitheen , the increbale The Unquiet Dead and my fondness in a way for the silliness and alien designs of The End of The World like with Rings of Akhaten love seeing alien designs :)

Highlight - The Unquiet Dead :)

Lowlight - Rose
10 Series 9 - This Series has some amazing eps from what I have seen and some great specials but the rest I have skipped past due to not liking the eps (Sleep No More) or finding it tiring to get through like The Dalek 2 parter but have to go through this Series fully at some point.

Definitely elevated due to those few amazing eps I saw :)

Highlight - The Girl Who Died , though Face The Raven was incredible and killed off Clara yay :) sorry Clara fans I just enjoyed the more fun hey oh of The Girl Who Died and the Doctor preparing this middle ages army to fight these expert warriors good humor too and sweet concepts :) though The Return Of Doctor Mysterio is a true gem and one of my fav Special eps and eps in general so it may flip but for now just bit of easy fun than a longer Special plus Special are mainly always awesome so gonna give credit to an ep in the Series that just your run of the Mill ep that was awesome :)

Lowlight - Sleep No More , it could have been a lot better nice concepts but they fell down on execution and kinda too scared to watch in a way but its not great and to go through the whole ep with a sort of chill on your spine and your not enjoying it unlike a fun fear you get with some eps or films I just dont wanna go through that ep right now.

12 Series 11 - This was an alright season I found it mainly alright with some boring parts/episodes but its not a train wreck just a drop off from our high Doctor Who expectations with some alright eps, alright in the sense I was happy about the eps quite enjoying the overall relaxed nature of Series 11 not much crazy eps or creative concepts ect but just average but it was ok I just felt happy but not excited by a lot of it if that makes sense, very bad season ending though not Resolution I mean the Battle one, Graham is true legend and funny and Ryan gets better as time goes on, not many threatening villains sort of a re fresh but on easy level and some confusing parts like The Doctor forcing The Spiders to starve and blowing up the guy who wanted to help people and fight for a better system.

That's one of the things that I dont like about Jodie's Doctor its always a you had no right to do that and then she or her friends do worse.

Highlight - I always liked The Ghost Monument and though its not great its just easy fun in a way and I liked It Takes You Away nice concept but it sort of feel apart at the end and the ribbon guy and his cave wasn't used that well and then The Witch Finders I quite enjoy wonky at parts slightly and the use of that word really made me tense up while watch it with my Dad (brought up religious) but its pretty good and fun :) so thats my choice The Witch Finders :)

Lowlight - Its quite tough as I feel asleep when watching The Tsuranga Conundrum and its quite a drag but not very annoying, Battle of Who ha is quite a bad Season finale no really impact , tension ect and I think the plot is slow and forgettable plus its like a mini bad rip off of The Stolen Earth and its just not great , The OX/UX whichever it is are really cool but not used great ect and The Women Who Fell To Earth was nice at first with the new camera shine and big landscape shots but just wonky elements bit of a drag and later episodes this one has really fallen down for me so I am gonna go with Battle of Who cause it just feel apart it doesn't feel like a season finale (like Legend of The Sea Devils wasn't meant to be a special but it has that sort of special spark not like Battle of Who or more like Who you ripping off today ha :) it did rip off better finales and was pretty forgettable and not special material so yeah even though I feel asleep half way through the Conundrum my choice is The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos

13 Series 12 - Seen only 3 eps of it wanted to watch it with my Dad but we haven't carried on with it yet and ended up watching Series 13 together so bit unfair I guess to rank it but here it is and I didn't really like the Spy Fall 2 parter as much as I thought I would with elements I like such as Spy's time travel ect thought I love this incarnation of The Master , liked Orphan 55 and know everyone says its funny bad ect and maybe but I kinda like it

Highlight - Orphan 55 - Pretty fun and slow at the same time which is weird, good concepts but just pulled off badly, still enjoy it though :)

Lowlight - Spy Fall part 2 I dont think I liked the first part much but just thinking about it the mystery and tension I think was better in part 1 though I love The Master in both parts, good villains but overall quite lacking.

I've been working on these for many hours now whilst watching Snooker in between thinking ha :) I knew its a lot probs too much but I am glad to have worked it all out and these are my thoughts now :)

If I've missed anything or lots of typing errors somewhere I think I have been working on this for 5-8 hours so hope its alright :)

Thank you if you take the time to read any of this cause I know it could be a book at this point ha many thanks :)

Take care everyone hugs :)

Regards - Declan Sargent
hey everyone :)

There is the full thing , its a good thing I tried to rush myself near the end and cut it short I didn't realize how much it was sort of like working for School always write too much ha , enjoy :) and sorry for page after page of my ramblings.

Take care everyone hugs :)

Regards - Declan Sargent

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