Star Trek - Discovery - 3.05: Die Trying

I thought they made a point of saying it was the Voyager J and discussed how many different ships that was.
I thought they made a point of saying it was the Voyager J and discussed how many different ships that was.
Actually, yes you are correct. I didn't catch the letter "J" myself, but they did talk about that. Sorry, there was a lot to take in.

Except, I'm confused because it looked exactly like the USS Voyager from the TV series. Why would it? None of the USS Enterprises look alike (and Picard had them on his wall if you want to check). If a Navy builds a new ship, they don't say, "we have to make this look like the last ship with that name".

And another thing, if Spore Drive was invented once, it is highly unlikely that in 900 years, no one else invented it once again. The history of inventions and technological development doesn't work like that. There must be a necessity for the "invention" i.e. a way to pump water out of coal mines using locally available coal. I think being unable to travel between sectors, and losing contact with hundreds of world counts as a necessity. There must also be the level of science and technology that puts all the necessary theory and parts together to make the "invention". These were present 900 years ago, so unless something huge was lost in the aftermath of "The Burn" they should still be. Inventions are not usually the "lightbulb idea" of popular culture but a steady building upon the shoulders of earlier inventions and ideas.

To use the earlier analogy of the trireme in Pearl Harbour, it is like it arrived under sail and rowing power, and none of the other fossil fuel and nuclear powered ships there had ever heard of using wind power to sail.
IRRC Voyager went slightly forward in time before they got back home, but not into the 31sth Century, They arrived back well before the Temporal Wars began. Yes, it was the USS Voyager, and there was also a USS Nog there too!

Voyager briefly got stuck in the 29th century and was brought back to the 24th century by a 29th century temporal agent.
It's going to go all Andromeda or Foundation, and Discovery'll have to rebuild the Federation bit by bit.

They'll probabably have to call it something different though. The Dominion? The Collective? (*)

* (I thought we were living in an autonymous collective....)

The Just US League? :D
It may be just a stupid idea, but I have a feeling the Burn may have something to do with Micheal sending back her suit. This will not be the first time she changes the course for Discovery. Just a thought, so don't panic about it.

There are not so many episodes in a season, so this could explain why the Amiral accepted Discovery as is in only one episode.
It may be just a stupid idea, but I have a feeling the Burn may have something to do with Micheal sending back her suit.

It had already happened when she arrived in the universe. Do you remember the great space trash field on high orbit around the planet? That was one of the fleets that burned. So sending the suit back wouldn't cause it.
...sending the suit back wouldn't cause it.
If the suit didn't go all the way back in time, but only went part way - only to the time of The Burn - then it is possible that it had something to do with it. I don't see it myself, but there is something about the way that the Admiral asked Michael what happened to the suit that make me think that something about the suit is still important*.

*Very little that happens on Discovery is not important to the ongoing plot. They have often spun things out from, what seemed to be throwaway lines, into huge plot points. On the other hand, I'm still waiting for the reason why Georgiou asked about Linus’ visual spectrum of 74,000 nanometres!
It might have been just her shock at learning the fate of the Terran Empire.
Or something else...

Just who is Glasses Man?
This is another series I'm losing faith with I'm afraid. The first series I could just about take because I was able to convince myself that NOTHING Star Trek had ever existed before.

I have lost this ability now and have had to buy three new TVs because I watched three episodes.

When will they make TVs with glasss that doesn't shatter when you tap it with a sledge hammer?
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Just who is Glasses Man?
Did you realise that it was David Cronenberg? And many are asking if his new character was more than just a cameo?

What if the Mirror Universe is going to be much more important to this season than we expected? Is he from Section 31? His appearance could be more than a cool one-off, but a permanent addition to the show? Or, is this leading up to the Section 31 spin-off show that has been mooted?