Need some help please

Darwin Graeme

New Member
Oct 23, 2020
Good morning,

I am looking for the titles to a series of three books I read in the the early 2000's. The books were about Germany & France as the new power in Europe & starting a third world war with the United Kingdom & the United States. The war machines used in the books were based on animals, I.E. wolves, tigers, dolphins etc. Also mech suits for human soldiers & other sci-fi tech. I am pretty sure there was a juggernaut land based machine as well. Also the leader of Germany was a bit of an egotisit, got into the spritual meditation thing & was a vegan too if I remember rightly. I am pretty sure when he conquered other countries he outlawed meat consumption there. Plus the usual lock up people in concentration camps etc.
I hope someone can help me find these books.

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