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Jun 19, 2018
Okay everyone, thanks so much for all your help. It really cleaned up what I had, put things in order, and I feel improved it significantly. I'll return to this thread and re-review each point when I visit this section again. In any case, for those curious as to where this wrapped up at, check the spoiler.

Harvest weeds, lest crops wither in the field. Everyone came here gambling their sins went unnoticed. They risked their lives to impose sadistic cruelties upon the innocent. We all want to die, so here we all gather, and now it’s time; our lives now forfeit. Wield the scythe, swathe to windrow. Shed sanguine dew, vapor trail winnow. Reap the tare, thresh and harvest...

With everyone focused on Kae, they packed even tighter. Kae withdrew two small pucks, selecting her preferences on each. She tossed up another visual-alert, then shouted, “Who remembers music? Well I like music when I’m spending rits. See how you like these songs.”

Kae heaved one puck toward the street’s tail end she walked in from, dropped the other at her feet, and began counting down. Withdrawing a larger puck from her belt, Kae unfastened the last strap on her jacket. The moment she reached ‘one,’ Kae tossed the puck five feet above her, and dropped to the ground curling tight.

“Reepa!” nearby weeds screamed, driving back against the crowd, but confused yowlees and breeders blocked their escape.

The gyroscopic mine exploded at its apex and everyone within twenty feet of Kae abruptly dropped. Simultaneously, her audible-alerts activated. Digital sirens screamed from each, with the thrown alert sounding a debilitating shriek each fall of the siren’s pitch.

Jolted by the blast wave, Kae surged up, drawing her Lukdai Enforcers. Thrusting them out toward the street’s ends, she pulled their triggers and swept the mob from one side of the street to the other. A three-deep swath of people fell in a wave. Her shoulders compressed and body shuddered, as deep hums and grating roars drowned out the rabble’s clamor.

After one second of twist, Kae paused for two, allowing the first bodies to fall, before she twisted back, painting the swarm again. Thin, heavy projectiles tore through flesh and shattered bone, penetrating deep into the crowd. When each row collapsed, those behind them flailed against the writhing mass, as Kae continued to rake the crush of people.

Conservative distributions during bear markets, ensure optimal investment returns….

On her fourth pivot, a loud tone warned her right gun neared empty. Ejecting its magazine, Kae thrust her gun into its holster. Continuing to pivot and fire with her left pistol, she withdrew a mag from her waist and slammed it into her empty gun. Just then, her left gun sounded its tone. Reloading her left pistol the same as the other, Kae’s free hand reached to her belt, and she spun.

A mine thrown deep into the crowd toward the street’s tail end, barely cleared their heads before exploding, and a thirty-foot circle of people fell away from center. Another mine heaved toward the street’s head, yielded a second grisly crop circle. Layered acrid smog filled the gauntlet of crimson splattered buildings, peppered with shot.

Combine three ounces each of tequila, grapefruit and pineapple juice, and one jigger of apricot brandy, spiced rum, and vodka. Add ice, stir, and garnish with…

Straining to draw her heavy pistols, Kae crouched, aimed, then fired. Back and forth, she swept the crowd with the same methodical precision. Five passes later, her guns’ tones sounded again. Mechanically as before, Kae replaced each magazine and walked toward the street’s tail end, assessing her harvest.

For the most part, the short street was already cleared. Bodies covered most of it, heaped where they fell or crawled to before expiring. Forced to scale the dead and dying, each step down onto pavement raised a splash. A scarlet mist hung in the air; everything, including Kae drenched in cherry sweat.

With the calm came the horror, and Kae’s detached indifference wavered (sounds/most-wounded and smells).

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