The Trouble with Peace

Well - actually - that ending wasn't what I expected at all. lol.
I've been wondering what plans the Weaver must have for Bayaz as he must know he won't be successful if he doesn't deal with him.
Nearly finished.
I really want Orso to come out on top, I like Glokta but his "daughter" needs bringing down a peg or two. Not happy that it looks like she will betray Rikke. Leo is an idiot and should listen to his mum not Savine. She really does come across as a spoilt brat who will destroy her toys if she can't have her own way/SPOILER]
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Unfortunately, the character of the Weaver did not ring true for me.
His previous act re his followers did seem avoidable.
It exceeded even Abercrombie's usual viciousness.

Glotka has to be done.

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