Space-based Cosmic Horror

Ori Vandewalle

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Jun 5, 2020
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Anybody know where one might find stories of cosmic horror set in space (or other solidly science fictional settings)? I'm thinking along the lines of the movie Event Horizon, but in book form. And maybe with a little more subtlety. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
Born of the Sun By Jack Williamson . It's a short story but it a got concept which fits into this category of Cosmic horror
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Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber. I have them both, but I haven’t read them. The idea of Zombies in the Star Wars universe doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m led to believe it was quite well regarded.
The Outside by Ada Hoffman which I read and enjoyed. Ships and space habitats but also some time on the ground on a (non-Earth) planet.
I really enjoyed Ship of Fools (also known as Unto Leviathan) by Richard Paul Russo and Blindsight by Peter Watts. I'm by no means an expert on horror books though, maybe check a few reviews before you buy.
There are some quite effective “Cosmic” horror elements in Peter F Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn trilogy, especially the first book, woven into the unrestrained SF storyline. Nothing particularly subtle about it.
I guess by "subtle" I'm talking about how Event Horizon eventually devolved into outright body horror.

You might want check out some the Warhammer 40 k novels . Plenty of Horror in those.
I suppose Lovecraft isn't subtle enough for you? Or not science fiction enough?
Edit: I once read a novel about a "horror" type vampire on a starship. He met a "psychic vampire" type entity and mentioned that he had never met a vampire before.
I wasn't crazy about the book and don't remember any more of it.
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